Oh, Horse_ebooks. You are easily my favorite Twitter account.

Unfamiliar with it? Horse_ebooks is a Twitter spambot designed to sell... that's right, eBooks about horses. The account spews out a seemingly endless amount of randomly generated text and sometimes, just sometimes, an actual line from a book. The tweets are hilarious and have spawned webcomics, fan fiction, and now, thanks to some guys here in our hometown of Philadelphia, t-shirts.

Born from their mutual love for Horse_ebooks, Philadelphians Adam Teterus, Aaron Grando, and Brett Strycharz decided to pay homage to their favorite Twitter account with finely-crafted fashion tees that subtly nod to the source. The name of the product line? Horse_elooks.

Their company, What Say Co., currently has three Horse_elooks shirts up for grabs, my favorite of which is pictured above. Head over to the official What Say Co. website to scope out the rest

Well done, gentlemen!

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