The QCC charter states that full membership requires that you 1) work at Quirk Books and 2) love comics. However, you can become an associate member by subscribing to our newsletter and reciting the following oath:

Place your left hand over your heart and place your right on a copy of Action Comics #1, Giant-Size X-Men #1, any Love of Rockets or Eightball collection, Hark A Vagrant, My Favorite Thing is Monsters, or any comic or graphic novel that's meaningful to you. Then recite these words:

I [state your name in full] hereby pledge to enthusiastically promote and support the medium of comics, whenever and wherever possible. I will spread the word about any awesome comic that crosses my path, and endeavor to assist comics creators in the pursuit of their noble calling. I will never judge another's taste in comics, graphic novels or sequential art, and I will always seek to find common ground with any comics enthusiast, now and forever, throughout the known universe and beyond. FLOREANT FABULAE!

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