“A thrilling adventure.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Grab a flashlight and burrow under the covers! Spark and the League of Ursus is the perfect bedtime adventure, with a fierce, fluffy hero you'll want by your side when the lights go out.”—Kirsten MillerNew York Times bestselling co-author of Nightmares! 

“A secret world of sentient toys comes to life in this gently creepy, Toy Story–tinged adventure.…With its exploration of themes such as family, loyalty, bravery, and the power of imagination, this story is both entertaining and uplifting.Publishers Weekly






Toy Story meets Stranger Things in this epic tale of warrior teddy bears and the children they protect.

Spark is not your average teddy bear. She’s soft and cuddly, sure, but she’s also a fierce warrior. At night she fulfills her sacred duty: to protect the household from monsters. But Spark’s owner Loretta is growing up and thinks she doesn’t need her old teddy anymore.

When a monster unlike any other descends on the quiet home, everything changes. Children are going missing, and the monster wants Loretta next. Only Spark can stop it. She must call upon the ancient League of Ursus—a secret alliance of teddy bears who are pledged to protect their human friends. Together with an Amazon-princess doll and a timid sock monkey, the bears are all that stands between our world and the one that lies beneath. It will be a heroic chapter in the history of the League . . . if the bears live to tell the tale.

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An army of toys, a menacing threat, and a thrilling adventure collide in the high-stakes sequel to Spark and the League of Ursus.
Spark may be a cute and cuddly teddy bear, but she’s also a fierce protector. Weeks after rescuing her human owner—a budding young filmmaker named Loretta—from a hideous monster, everything seems to be returning to normal. But then Spark is summoned before the mysterious Grand Sleuth, the high council of teddy bears, who task her with a dangerous mission: locating the portal to the monster’s world.
During her daring quest, Spark discovers a terrible secret that changes everything. In order to keep Loretta and their whole town safe, she must enlist the help of her loyal toy friends and team up with an unexpected ally. As the menace grows, Spark realizes that Loretta has a hidden power that may be the key to saving them all . . .
This dark middle grade fantasy is perfect for fans of the Nightmares! series and Holly Black’s Doll Bones.

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Robert Repino is the author of Mort(e)Culdesac, and D'Arc, which make up the critically-acclaimed "War with No Name" series (Soho Press, 2015, 2016, and 2017). Robert holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College and teaches at the Gotham Writers' Workshop. By day, he's an editor at Oxford University Press.



Download these fun activities!

  • Spark BINGO:  Loretta and her brother Matthew love to make and watch movies! Explore the world of cinema using the Spark bingo card.
  • Plan Out Your Own Movie: Use this storyboard to map out your own movie. Draw your shots in a sequence on this page. Describe the action of the shot beneath each panel.
  • Types of Camera Shots: Need help getting started on your storyboard? Learn some basic types of camera shots using this handy list!



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