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  • Image via Must Read Faster

    Have you ever tried to hug a cat? I'm talking really hug and squeeze one. It’s damn near impossible. These feline-friendly authors have at the very least attempted to give their kitty a nuzzle.

  • My cat Milo is a street thug. Well, he isn’t really my cat anymore. Or maybe he never was. Okay, let me go back a bit and explain.

    I had the best cat ever in the history of earth for sixteen years. His name was Pooky and he was a cross between a Persian and a Himalayan. So he had Himalayan markings with that beautiful Persian fur, but without his nose being quite so mashed in.

    He was the once-in-a-lifetime kitty, the cat no other cat will ever compare to. He went with me to college. He went with me when I got married. He had the most peaceful, Buddha-like energy. He talked to me in this funny little voice that sounded nothing like a cat, but more like a little chirping bird. He hung out sleeping about 23 hours a day, even when he was little, and hunted the smallest bug or ant in the house, and drooled when I patted him. He let me hug him, kiss him and even patiently let me make him dance (albeit with a totally disgusted look on his face). To make it even better, although he was completely docile with me, he hated everyone else, which made him all that more endearing in my mind.

  • There’s a reason that Collageorama’s Etsy shop proudly proclaims that it’s the “exclusive home of Dandy Cat and Friends!” Because seriously, look at that cat. Top hat, mustache, monocle… that is one awesome kitten to be proud of.

    Collageorama’s shop dishes out exquisite prints of properly dressed animals, illustrated on repurposed dictionary pages. Here at Quirk, we love cute animals (Cuteoverload links are exchanged via email on a regular basis) and anything that has to do with books. And this shop has owls, frogs, giraffes, deer, mice, rabbits… all kinds of critters, all fantastically dressed and drawn out on recycled book pages?


  • Yes, you read that subject right.

    Back in March, Margaret McGuire and Katie Hatz asked the Internet's cat lovers to send them their cat hair for their Crafting with Cat Hair in-house projects. The entire Quirk office was shocked by the amount of fur that rolled in. We even featured three adorable donors, Buster, Shadow and Fuzz, here on the Quirk blog.

    Well, Summer is wrapping up and our supplies of cat hair are running low. So we need you, Quirk fans, to once again brush your feline friends and send us your cat hair. We're specifically looking for more white cat hair. See the sleepy kitten pictured above? Use him as a reference point. Or just look at him. Because he's omgsocutesquee!


    Note, that this batch of cat hair is for a TOP SECRET Crafting with Cat Hair project. The first three people to send us their cat hair will get a free advance copy of the craftbook, as well as a copy of The Meowmorphosis (for obvious reasons). Send your packets to...

    Quirk Books
    c/o Margaret & Katie
    215 Church Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19106

    Questions? Email me at eric[at]quirkbooks.com. Thanks!

  • Did you know that we're in the middle of National Rabbit Week? It's true. And I should know, proud owner of a bun that I am. My darling bun, Rory, is featured in Quirk's upcoming craft book, Microcrafts. That's her tail at the end of the book. Squee!

    Ahem, but I digress.

    According to Petwork, National Rabbit Week is "dedicated to education and the promotion of responsible ownership, as well as showing people what great pets bunnies can be." So in honor of the week that pays tribute to my favorite cute and fluffy animal, I've pooled together a list of my top 10 literary bunnies. From comic books to classic literature, baby books to newspaper strips, these buns adorably appear in all wakes of print. If I missed a favorite of yours, let me know!

    Bunnicula: Attempting a Google image search for an actual illustration of Bunnicula is a study in patience. Rabbit owners all over post photos of their bunnies, red eyes blazing from camera flashes, labeled as Bunnicula. A favorite pick of Quirk's own Doogie Horner (he recommends the Celery Stalks at Midnight and the Howliday Inn), it's hard not to love James Howe's vampiric bunny who sucks juice out of veggies with his tiny fangs. "Today, vegetables. Tomorrow... the world!"

    Peter Rabbit: Even though the story is over 100 years old, Beatrix Potter's tale of Peter Rabbit and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail continues to sell a fantastic amount of copies. Peter's rebellious nature makes him all the more endearing. Really, who can blame him for going to town in the vegetable garden? As a child, any one of us let loose in a candy store would do the same thing, and maybe that's why we love him so much.

  • Bonus: You can download this as a desktop wallpaper, here!

    Alright, I'll admit it. I freaking love Nyan Cat, one of the most annoying Internet memes of all time. When I'm having a rough day, the non-stop Nyan Cat website cheers me up immediately.

    The little cat wedged inside a Pop Tart has inspired a number of things, from video games (Nyan Cat iOS) to a custom YouTube slider bar. But perhaps most importantly, its driven a wealth of crafters to create his/her likeness, from scarves to necklaces, plushies to totebags. Below, you'll find my top ten Etsy creations, sparked by the Nyan Cat phenomenon.

    Have some picks that didn't make it? Own a special handmade Nyan Cat item? Let me know!

    Nyan Cat Scarf: Made-to-order, anti-pill fleece scarf. Over 5 feet long. As of this posting, Carly (XD Creations) is donating 10% of her profits to Japan through the Red Cross. $32.

    Keeep Calmz An Nyanyan Print: 12x18", printed on heavyweight 150g paper by DesignNoy. $12.


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