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  • *See information on this adoptable cat at the bottom of the post!

    The love of staying inside, the dislike of large crowds of people, the tendency to spend entire days (or even weekends) curled up in a comfy armchair…it’s no wonder that bookworms, nerds, and cats are drawn to each other! There’s something so satisfying about reading a favorite book or comic with a purring furball on your lap. Cats are just as happy to indulge their introverted sides as most nerds and bookworms are.

    Of course, cats are also a little too happy to sprawl all over the book you are trying to read (or the game your are trying to play), and while we love these furry companions, it’s a good idea to give them somewhere else to curl up. We’ve got the best nerdy and bookish cat boxes, beds, and trees to keep your furball off your book (and in the most stylish way).

    If you want to make your own unique cat boxes out of cardboard, check out our book Cat Castles.

  • *See information on this adoptable cat at the bottom of the post!

    Hey there, fellow cat lovers! We rounded up some of the very best cat/owner relationships in pop culture for #QuirkCatWeek. These books, films and TV series show that there are cats who can be just as much "man’s best friend" as any dog can be, with some of the most heartwarming human/pet relationships around.

  • Even though the Super Bowl and Kitten Bowl have come and gone, there’s plenty of time to train your cat to be the MVP in next year's Kitten Bowl. Think your kitten has what it takes to make the team? Well, here are a few ways to train your little all-star.

  • [Penguin Random House]

    When you think about cats in comics, who comes to mind? Some of the most obvious are the cats who live in classic comic strips—Garfield, with his love of lasagna and hatred of Mondays, Hobbes, the beloved stuffed tiger come to life, even the multitudes of nameless cats that pop up in comic strip after comic strip online. But the funny pages aren’t the only place to find incredible felines. Comic books and graphic novels have their fair share of four-footed characters with real depth and charm. These aren’t cats that dispense weekly soundbites or tired catchphrases, but fully developed characters who lie, fight crime, swear, and discuss the stars and their place in the universe. Some silly, some complicated—these are the ten comic book cats we love best.

  • BOOK Manfried the Man

    In this hilarious graphic novel, the roles of cats and humans are reversed, putting humanoid felines in charge of tiny, dimwitted little man-pets.


    Editor’s Note: In an effort to keep Quirk E. Cat from napping at his desk, we have assigned him to Advice Column duty. We apologize in advance.


    Dear Quirk E. Cat,

    I’m finding myself in a reading rut. I’m still reaching for my daily dose of literature, but staying focused and allowing myself to get lost in a novel takes so much more concentration these days. I’m all for reading at my own pace, but I’m a library purist and these days I feel like I’m cramming for an exam when I pick up a book. I used to read one or two books a week, but now I’m lucky if I finish a novel before my library’s three-week due date. Any tips for reigniting the flame that once burned for literature? I really don’t want to be fined by the library. I mean, it’s the library. They know me there.


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