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Characters Who Are Vegetarians

[Photo by Chantal Garnier on Unsplash]

Bring on the black bean burgers and avocado toast! Today we’re participating in a little Tofu Tuesday and talking about our favorite vegetarian characters in contemporary literature. So, grab some roasted almonds, whip up your favorite grilled cheese, and cozy up to the characters who dream of dill.

And don't forget to pick up a copy of Stuff Every Vegetarian Should Know, available online and in bookstores today!

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Self-Help Books for Shakespeare’s Characters

From villains to tragic heroes, these days, there’s a whole self-help genre that might have provided comfort for Shakespeare's tortured characters. Here are some books we wish we could recommend:

Posted by Eve Legato

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: Make a Meal Plan Like a Boss

Planning all the meals you'll eat for a week can save you a long and pizza-heavy transition period after your dining hall life. Excerpted from Stuff Every Graduate Should Know, here are some tips about creating a meal plan and how to go grocery shopping like an adult:

Posted by Alyssa Favreau

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: Pro-Tips for Building a Grown-Up Wardrobe

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know by Alyssa Favreau has lots of great advice for post-college life and is on sale today! Here is an excerpt from the book about building your professional wardrobe.

Posted by Alyssa Favreau

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: Laundry Tag Symbols

Repeat after us: No more shrunken sweaters! We've excerpted a handy dandy guide to laundry tags from Stuff Every Graduate Should Know, on sale March 22nd!

Posted by Alyssa Favreau

5 Books to Inspire Your Spring Cleaning

(Audiobooks are your multi-tasking friend.)

Winter is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time for us to come out of our hibernation and clean out our habitats for Spring! While the thought of scrubbing your house top-to-bottom may make you groan a little, the results are worth it. Not only does everyone enjoy a lovely clean home and the feeling of freshness that it brings, but one big clear out helps you keep on top of clutter and tick off all those things that you’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Of course, if you are still slumped moodily on the sofa at the thought of all that… scrubbing… we’re here to help! These ten books will get you in the mood to clean the whole house top to bottom. Or at the very least, they’ll give you an excuse to put it off for just a little bit longer…

Posted by Rose Moore