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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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In need of a gift for your sweet Valentine? Or a rockstar Galentine friend? Maybe you're on the lookout for a Valentine's Day surprise for your child or another little one in your life? No matter who you're shopping for, we have some reads we think they'll love.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Our Favorite Books about the Black Lives Matter Movement

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Earlier this month was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and we spent day reflecting on his leadership and finding ways to carry on his legacy in 2021 and beyond. We continue to be inspired by the incredible activism of the Black Lives Matter movement, so today we’re highlighting some of our favorite books about the movement and racial injustice in the United States.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Our 2021 Reading Challenge

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With the new year in full swing, we wanted to set some reading goals for ourselves – and share those goals with you! For 2021, we’re challenging ourselves to look beyond our TBR and think more creatively about the kind of books we read. Read on for some of our favorite reading goals!

Thinking about starting a reading challenge of your own? Share your 2021 reading goals with us on social media! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram. Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #QuirkReads2021 so we can follow along.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Books That Incorporate Handwriting

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It’s possible to learn all kinds of things from someone’s handwriting. If we had to guess, if it slants to the left, this may point to a more private person, if there are narrow spaces between words, it suggests someone who doesn’t like to be alone, and if it is so messy that it is unreadable, the person probably went to med school…

Of course, these days, handwriting is becoming rarer and rarer, as we use computers, phones, voice commands and more for day to day communication. Typing is the way forward, and handwriting is fast becoming a lost art. However, with National Handwriting Day this month, it's the perfect time to celebrate those who still love to loop their letters or print by hand. Whether it is calligraphy TikToks, a carefully penned note, or books like these that include handwriting in their pages, script still has a place in our lives.

Posted by Rose Moore

Middle Grade Books for Aspiring Screenwriters and Filmmakers

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When the end credits of a movie roll, it’s easy to walk out of the theater, exit the streaming service or app, or eject the blu-ray/DVD. It’s rare for viewers to sit through end credits or even take note of the names in the earlier part of the film, but in recent years there’s been a trend with including entertaining credits, especially end ones, to keep audiences occupied. This is most relevant in big-budget movies like the MCU films (no wonder, as audiences are expected to sit through the credits for a final after credits scene) and animated films that utilize the credits to play around with the movie’s art style, and kudos for them. These credits are a small step towards casual viewers noting the names of all the people who have contributed their time, skills, and efforts to the making of the movie.

January 5th is National Screenwriters Day, created to celebrate and honor the work of all the screenwriters who can get left in the shadows of the directors. Yes, the director is obviously an important and major figure in bringing a film to life, but those who script the film are just as crucial in the movie making process. This list is for all those aspiring screenwriters and other filmmakers, from editors to camera operators to producers, who have big plans for the future and the now. May these middle grade reads inspire you to pursue your dreams and continue creating movies that make you happy.

Posted by Gabrielle Bujak

Book Recs For A New Year, New You

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Another year is here, and for once, social media seems to have less of the usual resolutions and New Year, New Me posts. Perhaps 2020 has left everyone just a little unsure of what 2021 will bring, and a little apprehensive about the big plans that would usually be the theme each January.

However, no matter the unsurety of the new year, or the lack of big parties to celebrate, there’s still space to create something new and to make plans to better ourselves, even in smaller, more lockdown-friendly ways. Personal growth and introspection has become a theme, and with these reads, you’ll be able to carry that forward (and leave the rest of the year behind), and make 2021 an incredible year—no matter what that ends up looking like!

Posted by Rose Moore