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YA & Adult Audiobooks

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Whether you're missing the sounds of your morning commute or you're antsy from sitting around the house, these audiobooks are a helpful way to mix up your daily routine.

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Want to read Quirk books to kids online while social distancing? Here’s how!

Hey librarians, educators, and booksellers! Do you want to read Quirk books to kids online while we’re all staying home?

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re committed to allowing readers to have access to books for educational and entertainment purposes. In light of school, bookstore, and library closures, Quirk Books is extending an open license to select* titles in its catalog.

*For conditions of use and a list of select Quirk titles available, see below. Let’s spread some smiles on social media.

*UPDATE: We are now extending our open license through June 30, 2022.*

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YA Books for Your Stuck-At-Home TBR Pile

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Prices subject to change.

Stuck inside? YA books to the rescue!

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Start a digital book club with these reading group guides!

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Prices subject to change.

Interested in starting an impromptu book club while stuck at home but don't want to spend a ton of money? We've got you covered with these discounted e-books and free reading group guides. Now you can virtually hang with your best buds and chat about your next favorite read. Have fun!

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Free E-Book Samplers and PDF Excerpts

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Stuck at home with nothing to do? Combat boredom with this list of free e-book samplers and PDF excerpts from popular Quirk books. Craft a fun D.I.Y. gift for someone special or dive into a sample of that one Quirk book you haven't had time to read until now. Get crackin'!

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Pancake and Book Pairings

These fluffy circles of breakfast happiness are perfect for every morning. Whether you’ve always loved them, or missed out in childhood, we’re encouraging everyone to get out their griddle and start having some fun—and because everything in life is better with a book, we’ve even paired different types of pancakes with the perfect book to read while you enjoy them.

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