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Least Threatening Villains in Lit and Pop Culture

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The best villains are the ones that are truly scary. The bad guys who make us quake in our boots, who leave us terrified and truly convinced that becoming their enemy would be the worst possible scenario. Take Amy in Gone Girl, a woman who isn’t at all physically threatening, but whose meticulous scheming and total lack of a conscience make her utterly terrifying. Or consider Thanos, the recent big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s a villain who may be bright purple, but who is physically intimidating and emotionally unperturbed by wiping out half the living things in the universe in a single snap.

These are the villains that are true nightmare fodder, that all other villains aspire to emulate. Of course, there are also the truly sympathetic villains — the cool kids, the guys who may want to raise hell, but are so charming that we’d probably just let them do it. And then…there are these guys. The ones who may dream of being true villains, but who barely make it out of laughing stock level who couldn’t make a chihuahua tremble if they tried.

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Frankenstein’s Support Group for Misunderstood Monsters: Chapter 18

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Devilishly Good Characters in Pop Culture

Frozen yogurt, anyone? Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


Do you think you are a good person? If hit series The Good Place has it right, your deeds on Earth might land you in a magical place where everything is catered to your deepest desires, and you get to meet your one true soul mate…or, if you aren’t quite worthy of all that, you might end up being tortured by Ted Danson! A devil pretending to be an angel, Danson’s Michael is a brilliant addition to the award-winning series, perfectly executing his diabolical plan to torment his victims by having them drive each other crazy in a fake "heaven." The show is sharp, funny, and eminently relatable as four people examine their wicked (and not-so-wicked) ways, and Michael is far from the only devil character that we want to watch again and again.

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Frankenstein’s Support Group for Misunderstood Monsters: Chapter 17

The Regrettable Sidekicks Name Generator

Batman has Robin. Captain America has Bucky. And Yankee Doodle had…Dandy. Find out your sidekick name so you can team up with your very on heroic (or dastardly) companion!

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Frankenstein’s Support Group for Misunderstood Monsters: Chapter 16