Quirk Books Compound, Olde City, Philadelphia PA— After weeks of tense speculation and careful detective work, Philadelphia’s Olde City Department of Police announced today that they have arrested the person they believe to have been responsible for the murder of local spider monkey Cornelius Pringles, who was found dead in his office on June 1.

The suspect has been identified as Erma Endpaper, a book designer employed at the same publishing company as the late Pringles. “We’re shocked, but not that shocked,” said Quirk Books president [NAME REDACTED] in a statement to the press. “Pringles was not popular around here as a middle manager or as a monkey.”

According to OCDP chief constable Tim O’Donnell, while there were several suspects, tips from Quirk Books social media followers revealed a number of clues that led to the arrest of Endpaper:

  1. She claimed to be out sick the day of the crime, but a photograph taken that day indicates otherwise.
  2. The same photograph shows Endpaper to be in possession of Pringles’ coffee mug, which was later found at the scene of the murder.
  3. An anonymous phone tip proved to be unreliable because it placed Endpaper at “the corner of Market and Chestnut streets.” Those streets are parallel. The tip was likely phoned by Endpaper herself.
  4. Forensic analysis revealed that Pringles was poisoned after drinking coffee. Endpaper had just finished working on the Quirk book Stuff Every Murderer Should Know, which includes a chapter on poison.

“We just need to figure out her motive,” Constable O’Donnell said, shortly before Endpaper herself blurted this out while being escorted to a squad car:

“Yes I did it! And I’ll tell you why: that monkey was a lazy bum who just bossed people around and never did any work! My cat deserved his job! My cat is the supreme animal and all other creatures are dust beneath his paws! Also if my neighbor hears this please feed my cat! Three forkfuls of wet food and top off his bowl of water!”

“I guess that explains everything,” O’Donnell added.



PDP Crime Scene DocumentationCase #4587F, official photo 6/1/18


Quirk Books Compound, Olde City, Philadelphia PA — Quirk Books, the Philadelphia-based publisher of books such as Hope Never Dies, today announced the death of long-term employee and spider monkey (Ateles species) Cornelius Pringles.

“Mr. Pringles, as we called him, may not have been our most popular employee…no, to clarify, he absolutely was not our most popular employee,” said Quirk's President. “Not even in the top twenty. But he did work here, and was fairly competent, and will perhaps be missed for a short time.”

The monkey was hired as the Quirk Books resource manager after impressing the senior staff with his dexterity, tool-using ability, and prehensile tail. His duties at Quirk included gathering fruit and nuts from nearby trees, vocalizing to warn of approaching predators, and conducting annual employee reviews. Quirk first met Mr. Pringles while visiting with paper vendors in South America. 

Pringles was found dead in his office on the fourth floor of Quirk Tower, and is believed to have died between the hours of 6:00pm on May 31 and 9:00am June 1. Police are treating the death as a homicide. “We totally would like to solve the crime of this dead monkey,” said Olde City Department of Police chief constable Tim O’Donnell. “Really. But we have, you know, other stuff to do.” According to constable O’Donnell, the OCDP will be releasing further details about the homicide investigation in the hopes that members of the public will step forward and offer assistance. “If somebody could figure this out for us, that would be great,” O’Donnell noted.

Pringles is survived by a family of ticks that lived in his fur.


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