About the Program:

This is nothing like your school reading list! Quirk’s Super Secret Middle Grade Book Club gives kids early access to upcoming books—and lets them become a book reviewer!

Every other month, middle grade readers will receive an advance reader copy (or ARC) of an upcoming Quirk book in exchange for a book review. (We only send out 50 copies and this ARC is not for sale, so other kids won’t be able to read the book until it comes out!)

As part of the package, we’ll also send a reviewer survey for kids to share their opinions with us, with your help. Once they’ve submitted their survey, we’ll send them a finished copy of the book as a thank-you.

Grown-ups can also join our exclusive Facebook group to meet other caregivers of middle grade readers and access fun activities, educational resources, and exclusive content from authors.



Who Can Join?

This program is geared toward children ages 8–12 years old, but is open to any child who enjoys reading middle grade books. Parents/guardians can sign up children via the form below. Parents or guardians over 18 years of age must fill out the form on behalf of the child in order for them to participate.




This Month’s Book:

Kid Trailblazers written by Robin Stevenon and illustrated by Allison Steinfeld

Inspiring, relatable, and totally true biographies tell the childhood stories of a diverse group of trailblazers including Kamala Harris, Greta Thunberg, Ai Weiwei, Benazir Bhutto, Elliot Page, and John Lewis, along with 10 other powerful figures.

Featuring kid-friendly text and full-color illustrations, Kid Trailblazers highlights contemporary figures who have led the way in their fields—government, social activism, environmental justice, and the arts. Middle-grade readers will learn how these trailblazers got their start as kids just like them, with relatable stories and fun facts such as:

  • Angela Merkel once won a trip to Moscow, where she bought a Beatles album.
  • Stacey Abrams and her siblings used to pretend to be librarians while playing together.
  • Al Gore lived in a hotel as a kid and liked to drop water balloons off the roof!

Kid Trailblazers explores the childhood stories of leaders who have taken on the most pressing issues of our time by expressing themselves and challenging the world.


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