What type of content does Quirk publish on their blog?
Quirk's blog reflects the types of books we publish: entertaining posts about literature and pop culture that deliver the unexpected.


Can I publish my Quirk blog post to other websites?
Here are Quirk Books, we value your content and repect the time and energy you put into writing posts.

This policy describes Quirk Books' blog practices regarding the reproduction of content on other platforms. As a Quirk blogger, you agree to give us exclusive rights to publish your post on our website. If you wish to publish your post on your own blog or website, you may include the first paragraph and the header image of your post, and then redirect the reader to the Quirk Books website by providing a link to the post.

You may not pitch a blog post that has been published on the Quirk Books blog to other professional websites or media platforms.


I am not a Quirk blogger but am interested in becoming one. How do I get in touch?
Email Christina at [email protected] with a sample blog post you feel would fit well on the Quirk blog. She will do her bet to get back to you quickly, but if a week passes and you still haven't heard anything, please send a follow up email.