Manfried and Steve are back!

In May 2018, graphic novel readers were introducted to Manfried the Man, "a simple tale of affection, devotion, and worry" (Vulture) that charmed readers and built on the cult following of the original web comic of the same name. Now, Manfried and Steve are back in a new adventure in Manfried Saves the Day.

Set in a world where cats rule and tiny naked men are kept as pets, Manfried Saves the Day revisits Catlanta a few months after the events of the first book. Finding newfound popularity as a cartoonist, former slacker Steve is struggling to balance work, his new relationship with Henrietta, and volunteering at the Catlanta Man Shelter. Manfried is facing his own issues: Steve's newly adopted stray man, the cuter and sweeter Garfield. But when a literal fat cat banker puts the man shelter at risk, Steve, Manfried, Henrietta, and a crew of furry friends must enter the Manflower Man Show to save what's important to them.

We're so excited to get back to Catlanta. Can't wait for the book? Preorder a copy to be entered to win a seriously cool, one-of-a-kind commission.


You have my attention! What do I get for preordering?

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like if you were a cat? If you preorder Manfried Saves the Day, you'll be entered for a chance to win a Catsona of yourself, drawn by a member of the Manfried creative team!

Want to draw your own Catsona to share with us? Share your work on Twitter or Facebook, tag @quirkbooks and #Catsona, and we'll share!

How do I enter?

  1. Preorder your copy of Manfried Saves the Day from your retailer of choice. You can preorder from anywhere — even your favorite local bookstore or comic shop. E-books count, too!
  2. Upload a photo or screenshot of your receipt using this Google form.* All receipts must be dated and submitted prior to 11:59 pm ET on 5/21/19.
  3. If you have won a Catsona, Quirk will contact you once the preorder campaign has ended.

*If you have trouble uploading your receipt to the Google form, please send an email to [email protected] with the requested information and include [MANFRIED SAVES THE DAY PREORDER] in the subject line.


Terms and Conditions

For more information and restrictions, make sure to read our terms and conditions before submitting your receipt. 

We can't wait for you to read Manfried Saves the Day. Let us know you preordered the book with the hashtag #ManfriedSavestheDay, and tag us in your own Catsonas online!


Book Description

Can a pet man who spends most of his time eating and sleeping take first prize at the Manflower Man Show? If not, the local shelter for stray men will be forced to shut down forever! Based on the hilarious web comic, this sequel to Manfried the Man is an all-new stand-alone story that can be enjoyed by followers of the series and new fans alike.

About the Authors


Caitlin Major is a Toronto-based comics writer and illustrator. She and her partner, Matthew Hoddy, have run successful Kickstarter campaigns to print comics Space Pyrates and The Saga of Metalbeard. Caitlin also works as an animation compositor at Skyship Entertainment, a small animation studio in Toronto that specializes in kids’ programming on YouTube.


Kelly Bastow is an illustrator and comics creator best known for her ink and watercolor paintings of landscapes and body positivity. Kelly illustrated Quirk’s Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy and has drawn for the comics LumberjanesAdventure Time, and Capture Creatures.