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Welcome to the annual Planet Quirk Holiday Gift Guide!

Yesterday, we posted our Gift Guide for Quirk DIY, which was chock full of cookbooks and craftbooks. The Planet Quirk Guide introduces you to all our geek flavored books. Fiction, gift books, art books, and more! Click away to learn more about them.

Interested in featuring one of these on your blog, for your holiday roundup? Email with your requests! Happy Holidays!

William Shakespeare Star WarsMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenThe Last PolicemanCountdown CityPride and Prejudice and ZombiesThe ResurrectionistNick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger LabWho's On First?Professor GargoyleThe Slither SistersStar Trek Book of OppositesPhoto DoodlesGeek's Guide to DatingGeek WisdomSwissted100 GhostsNight of the Living TrekkiesPrincesses Behaving BadlySprinkles!Winter CocktailsPom-Poms!Crafting with Cat HairCraft-A-Day Winter AppBreakfast for Dinner