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Show Us Your Coven

Want to win signed copies of Basic Witches by Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman for your friend group? Here's how to win the books, plus more witchy prizes!

Share a photo of your squad coven with the hashtag #BasicWitches:

  • Covens, unite! Share a photo of your friend group on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr. Use the hashtag #BasicWitches and tag @QuirkBooks. 

Win witchy prizes:

  • Every coven that shares a photo will automatically receive a set of three downloadable phone lock screens. We will reach out to you via social media to send you your prize!
  • You'll also be entered to win our Show Us Your Coven prize pack, which includes the following:

*Open to the United States, Canada, and UK.*

We can't wait to see your coven! Summon your inner sorceress and show the world how rad your coven truly is. It's time to manifest your best witchy life.


A magical lifestyle guide for everything from powering up a stylish crystal to banishing terrible Tinder dates

Want to feel terrifyingly beautiful? Wear the right color of eye shadow to project otherworldly glamour. Need to exorcise a toxic friendship? Repeat the proper incantation and make it disappear. Want to increase your energy? Whip up a tasty herbal “potion” to rev up your  stamina. DIY projects, rituals, and spells—along with fun historical sidebars—summon the best trends of the modern witchy lifestyle and the time-trusted traditions of the hell-raising women of the past. With humor, heart, and a hip sensibility, Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman dispense witchy wisdom for the curious, the cynical, and anyone who could use a magical boost.

Jaya Saxena is a staff writer at Elle.com. Her work has appeared in many outlets including the New Yorker, the Daily Dot, the ToastBuzzfeedEater, and many others.

Jess Zimmerman is editor-in-chief of Electric Literature. She has been published in the Guardian, the New Republic, Atlas Obscura, Hazlitt, the Hairpin, the Toast, Eater, Aeon, and others.


Thanks for joining the Quirk fam! We can't wait to geek out with you.

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