Hello, MWA chefs, and welcome to Quirk Books!

We're thrilled that you’d like to help promote the book you so loving participated in, The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook. Below you’ll find a list of resources that will make this endeavor easier for all. Quirk is doing a lot to promote the book, and we want to keep you informed and aware so you can help spread the word.

Here are some ways you can help promote the book:

1. Promote the Book at Events: There are so many opportunities to promote this book! If you'd like to sign your recipe page at BEA or Book Con, please reach out to Margery Flax ([email protected]). Or you can suggest that book sellers have it on hand at your personal book tour events.

The book launch will be held on Monday, April 27 at 6:30PM at The Mysterious Bookshop (58 Warren St, New York, New York). Let us know if you plan to attend.

2. Goodreads, LibraryThing, and BookLikes Giveaways: To help get the book into the hands of eager early reviewers, we run giveaways on a number of social book websites, including Goodreads, LibraryThing, and BookLikes. 

If you have friends that actively use these sites, let them know the book is available on there!

Please note that these giveaways will be live March 10th, 2015 through April 1st, 2015, and then they will close. We’ll be in touch with the links to these social media giveaways.

3. Our Contact Info: Want to get in touch with the Quirk team, or send a reviewer our way? If you have a friend that works for a major media outlet (think newspapers, magazines, TV), tell them to email [email protected]. Have a pal with a blog? Email [email protected]

Eric and Nicole have already started reaching out to media outlets and bloggers, so the sooner you can send over that information, the better! 

4. Request Books: What about your copy of the cookbook? Don't worry! We will be sending a comp copy to each of you. We’ll also set aside one extra copy for each of you for giveaways. Host a giveaway on your blog, Twitter profile, or whatever platform you prefer, and we’ll ship the book out to the winner! Email [email protected] with your address for your comp copy, and let us know if you plan to offer a giveaway.

5. Your Recipe: Please don't put your recipe on your website. It may discourage buyers who are eager to get your contribution. 

6. Social Media: You can connect to Quirk Books and the book’s editor, Kate White, easily on Twitter. We're at @quirkbooks and @katemwhite. You can also hang out with us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Planning to share the book on social media? The best way to promote it is be to link to the Quirk book page (https://www.quirkbooks.com/book/mystery-writers-america-cookbook) in your tweets, Facebook updates, pins on Pinterest, etc. This will show people where they can click to purchase the book, as well as dish out plenty of information about the title. Here's a sample tweet for you that mentions the publisher and the author.

Find out how to make my favorite snack in The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook, edited by the one-and-only @KateMWhite! Here's more about the book: http://bit.ly/1BkXN5A

7. Blogging: Want to give your readers a hint about the recipe you wrote for the book. Perhaps post another recipe (but not your recipe from inside the book), to wow them with your cooking prowess? Or even share a selfie of you and the finished book!

Whatever the case, if you'd like to write a blog post, let us know! We'd love to have you guest post on quirkbooks.com. Email [email protected]

Any other questions, feel free to email us! And thanks for wanting to promote the book! We're glad you're on our team. 

Thank you!

Nicole De Jackmo, Eric Smith, Suzanne Wallace, and the Quirk Books Team!