Welcome to Mini-Comics Week!

Now that you've picked up your free comics on Free Comic Book Day, explore more—in miniature form!

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**This mini-sweepstakes is now closed.**

Enter for your chance to win the following prizes! Note: There will only be one winner.

Trade mini-comics with us!

Our mini-sweepstakes is now closed, but if you send us a mini-comic, we'll send back a Quirk staff original . . . plus a bonus prize! We'll also feature your mini-comic on Instagram, so include your Instagram (or Twitter) handle if you have one. 

Please mail mini-comics to the following address:

Quirk Books
c/o Comics Club
215 Church St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19106

If you would rather scan and email us your mini-comic, please send to the following email address: [email protected]