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Blogger & Bookstagrammer Policy


Are you a blogger interested in reviewing one of our books? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Each year Quirk publishes twenty-five books on a variety of subjects and every title is a labor of love. Some of our most popular titles are the best-selling Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children YA series, the Edgar Award–winning mystery The Last Policeman, the legendary Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and classroom favorite William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.

We love working with blogs of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re interested in fiction, parenting, lifestyle, cooking, or something completely different, and are always looking to build relationships with new bloggers. As a small publishing company, we have just a limited number of review copies that we’re able to send. Continue reading to find out more about our policies and preferences.


What does Quirk look for in a blog?

In general we look for blogs that have more than 500 followers and are still growing. Not everyone is going to have thousands of followers or page views, but we’re interested in working with bloggers who have established a solid readership and voice over time.

We also look very closely at your social media presence and typically look for social media accounts that have over 1,000 followers. So send us links to all your relevant social accounts, making sure they are must be open to the public for consideration. We want to know what you’re posting about and if people are interacting with you.

We also look for the types of books/content you’ve covered before, and we love seeing reviews or posts about books we’ve published.


What’s an ARC?

If you’re new to book blogging, you might not be familiar with Advance Reading Copies (sometimes called “galleys”). They are early, unfinished versions of books produced specifically so reviewers can read a book before it is published. Because the copy is not final, you should always check any quotes and facts against a finished copy.


How many ARCs or review copies are available per book?

Quirk does not create ARCs for all the books we publish, and the number of copies available will vary depending on the book. We tend to reserve ARCs for bloggers that we’ve worked with before or those with a large and established following.


When should I request a review copy?

ARCs are typically available six months before a book goes on sale, and review copies are usually available around two months before the book’s publication. We may not be able to send you one right away, but the earlier you request one (and the more interest you have in the book), the more likely you are to be added to our mailing list.


If the book has been published already, can I still request a copy for review?

You can request a book at any time, but in general we do not send out review copies once the book has been on sale for six months.


When should I post my review and what should I include?

We like to see reviews go up within a month of the book’s publication date (before or after), but as close to pub date as possible.

We do not have rules about what to include in your post, but please get in touch if you want to include a cover image, author photo, author bio, etc.

And if you’re sharing your post on social media, make sure you tag @QuirkBooks!


What can I expect from Quirk?

We’ll try our best to share your reviews on our Twitter account and repost your amazing shelfies on our Instagram.


One final important note: We do not send books to blogs that sell free review copies and ARCs.

You are more than welcome to participate in swaps, donate books to your local charity, school, or library, or gift them to your friends to read, but they’re not intended for resale.


I’m interested in reviewing your books! How do I get in touch?

Email [email protected] with links to your blog and social media accounts, any stats you have about followers or visitors to your site, what types of books you are interested in, and if you have ever read or reviewed a Quirk book before. We will do our best to get back to you quickly, but if a week passes and you still haven’t heard anything, please send a follow up email.