About the Book

From the New York Times best-selling creator of the Find Momo series, Andrew Knapp, comes a moving exploration of grief for the youngest readers that will resonate with anyone who has loved and lost a pet.

I felt angry and sad, my heart left behind.
Could I play hide-and-seek, with no one to find?

Life with a dog brings adventure, friendship, and joy—but what remains after a beloved dog has passed away? With heartfelt text and playful mixed-media illustrations, Andrew Knapp meditates on the life and loss of his best friend, Momo: playing hide-and-seek all over the world, connecting with nature, and Momo’s final journey, with Andrew holding his paw.

Bittersweet and affirming, Find Momo Everywhere is a powerful exploration of grief for dog lovers of all ages—and how we can still connect with our loved ones even after they’re gone.

Quirk Books
ISBN 9781683693864
On sale: February 6, 2024
Ages 4–7; $17.99; Hardcover


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