What's the perfect gift for your English-major friend or literature lover? How about an adorable miniature Moby Dick? What's the ideal project to make while you're watching televised period dramas and drinking tea? Unquestionably a tiny Elizabeth Bennet. Need a present for a baby shower? White Rabbit. Halloween decoration? Frankenstein's monster. Christmas décor? Ebenezer Scrooge. With this book, your literary allusions can become a way of life. 

     Literary Yarns features adorable characters that grace the pages of 25 classic novels, plays, and storybooks. Make them for your friends, decorate your house with them, or use them as pretty much the cutest action figures you can imagine. The materials are readily available and the techniques are straightforward for stitchers who crochet at least at a basic level.

  1. Bookish products (mugs, finger puppets, tote bags, etc.) are popular whimsical gifts for liberal arts majors, librarians and teachers, and anyone who's known to like to read.
  2. Serious literary characters are surprisingly cute as amigurumi.
  3. The figures are perfect gifts for book-loving friends, and the book itself is a great gift for a literature-loving friend who crochets.
  4. We'll have Christmas and Halloween options, with figures from A Christmas Carol, Edgar Allan Poe, and Frankenstein.
  5. Classic children's literature figures from books like Anne of Green Gables or Alice in Wonderland would make great baby shower gifts.
  6. Each character will be featured in an adorable photo to inspire the reader to grab a crochet hook.


About the Author: Cindy Wang is a healthcare professional by day and a crochet ninja by night. She blogs at geekyhooker.wordpress.com, where she is known for amigurumi superheroes, movie characters, monsters, and more. Before San Diego Comic Con (and sometimes other comic cons), she hides crocheted superheroes around the city for people to find. She tags them with her contact information, and excited finders send in photos of their adoptees at home.