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Discover your own natural neighborhood with THRIVE WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED!

Get started finding peace and belonging in nature with this downloadable nature guide!

Thrive Where You’re Planted is organized by month and begins with March, but you can start at any point during the year. If you’d like to get started right now, we’ve created this downloadable version of the February chapter. That way you can save the February chapter that’s inside the book for next year!

Visit this link to download your own exclusive nature guide.


Posted by Gaby Iori

Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Unapologetic Self-Care

Take a moment for yourself and plan some unapologetic self-care. Or gift this book to a friend or loved one who would enjoy one of these reads!

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Stocking Stuffers

Your holiday shopping is done and you’re ready to wrap it up—almost! If you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, try these reads.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Holiday Gift Guide 2023: White Elephant Gifts

These books make for great White Elephant gifts for anyone—especially the opossum and cat lovers in your life!

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Lifestyle and Wellness

On the lookout for lifestyle and wellness reads that tackle tough-to-discuss topics in a friendly way? Try these books on how to exercise when you’re struggling with mental health, navigating sober dating (and having fun in and out of the bedroom), and mastering the art of sleep. 😴

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Top 10 Goblin Mode Things You Can’t Live Without

So you’re looking to go goblin mode, but you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’ve been trying to get more into nature, or embrace your cozier sensibilities. Maybe you’ve realized your personal style is only a little weird, and you want it to be way, way weirder. Maybe you’re just trying to find a group of people to play the homebrew D&D game you’ve been working on for months. No matter what brought you to the goblincore lifestyle, you’re welcome here. The only thing better than being a goblin is being a goblin in a big, wonderful community of goblins.

As the author of Goblin Mode, I feel uniquely suited to help people go goblin mode. My book goes in-depth into the different ways we can all bring more dirt, moss, and clutter into our lives, but here I’ll narrow things down to a few of my favorite goblin things. Goblincore is all about getting cozy, embracing imperfection, and thriving in the muck. Here are ten things that will help you do just that.

Posted by McKayla Coyle