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Women in Horror Month: Horror Recommendations from Quirk’s Editors

Looking for your next horror read? Quirk Books editors Rebecca Gyllenhaal and Jess Zimmerman have recommendations for you based on movies, books, and TV shows you already know and probably love. If you don’t vibe with horror but still want to be in the know, don’t worry—there’s a rec for you, too. Explore Rebecca and Jess’s picks below!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Horror for the Holidays

The correct time to read horror is all year long—especially during the holidays. Browse these books and find the perfect read for your favorite horror fan.

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Listen to the BRIDE OF THE TORNADO Playlist by Author James Kennedy

Looking for the perfect soundtrack while you read the mind-bending Midwestern Gothic Bride of the Tornado? Author James Kennedy made this playlist for your reading pleasure.

Read on for a look inside each song choice. Spoilers ahead!

Posted by James Kennedy

James Kennedy’s Five Midwestern Horror Novel Picks

I grew up in Michigan and I’ve spent most of my life in the Midwest. When I began writing my horror novel Bride of the Tornado, one of the things I had in my mind was an October night in the 1990s, when my wife-to-be Heather and I headed out to rural Indiana to visit a “haunted house.”


It was farther away from town than we thought. When we arrived, we found just a few train cars in a desolate field. No other visitors. A creepy girl played with some dolls in the grass. After a minute, she got up and gravely led us through the train cars. A family sat around a table, greeting us indifferently as we passed. Did they live here? Who knew? These train cars were full of homemade oddities, more quirky than spooky. A bucket of plastic body parts. A cheesy mechanical doll. It was awkward and low-rent, not scary.


Then a maniac jumped out of nowhere with a chainsaw.

Posted by James Kennedy