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Ultimate Sports Handbook

Details & Features

Book Description

How does Serena Williams deliver such crushing serves? How does Michael Jordan slam dunk? How can Dale Earnhardt Jr. survive hairpin turns at 200 miles an hour?

The Ultimate Sports Handbook unveils how today’s biggest sports stars play to win-complete with hands-on advice and training tips from celebrated athletes like Tiger Woods, Andy Roddick, Charles Barkley, Jerry Rice, Joe Frazier, and countless others. You’ll discover how to:

• Sack the Quarterback
• Throw a Knuckleball
• Ski Jump
• Pole Vault
• Throw a Left Hook
• Hole Out from the Sand
• Do a Motocross Backflip
• and much, much more

Complete with step-by-step instructions and practical illustrations, The Ultimate Sports Handbook offers the play-by-play on how to perform 35 wildly impressive athletic feats-from pro games and Olympic events to the latest in extreme sports. It’s the one guide that answers every sports fan’s first question: “Hey, how do they do that?”

RICHARD O’BRIEN is a senior editor at Sports Illustrated.

Product Details

  • Paperback ISBN: 9781594740343
  • Book Dimensions: 
    5 x 7
  • Page Count: 
  • Release Date: 
    June 1, 2005
  • 18 and up
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