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Book Description

This pocket-sized guide has all the stuff you need to become the coolest grandma, mom-mom, or Mimi on the block!

Becoming a grandmother is one of life's biggest joys--but that doesn't mean it's simple! This handy gift book lays out all the wisdom, savvy, and know-how you'll need to navigate, cherish, and spoil your grandkids (and kids!), including:

  *  How to Pick Your Grandmother Nickname
  *  The Difference Between Mothering and Grandmothering
  *  Baby Safety 101 (Things Have Changed!)
  *  How to Connect with Older Kids and Teens
  *  How to Make Tasty Treats with Your Grandkids
  *  How to Create a Family Tradition and Build a Legacy

The lovely package and timeless information make this a perfect gift for seasoned grandmas and grandmas-to-be alike.

About the Author

Product Details

  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-68369-098-6
  • e-Book ISBN: 978-1-68369-099-3
  • Page Count: 
  • Release Date: 
    February 12, 2019
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