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Book Description

We all know that life is full of hidden dangers-but what are you doing to avoid them? Do you know the safest lane on a highway? The best way to defrost meat? The cleanest stall in a public restroom?

Be Safe! is your road map to navigating the perils of everyday life. You’ll discover that June is the safest time to get elective surgery (it’s the month before the new class of medical residents arrive). You’ll also learn that Friday morning is the most dangerous time to go to the bank (historically, it’s when most bank robberies occur). Author Melissa Heckscher even explains why tuna is the safest kind of sushi (this deep-water fish doesn’t contain worms that thrive in warmer temperatures).

The perfect gift for a paranoid friend, Be Safe! will make you a stranger to danger!

MELISSA HECKSCHER is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is the author of Use This Book! and Date Him or Dump Him? When using a public restroom, she always uses the stall closest to the entrance (you should, too).

Product Details

  • Paperback ISBN: 9781931686716
  • e-Book ISBN: 978-1-59474-908-7
  • Book Dimensions: 
    4 x 6
  • Page Count: 
  • Release Date: 
    November 1, 2004
  • 18 and up
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