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  • It’s National Cheese Day (a holiday we like to celebrate all year long!) and while we’d love to spend it noshing on a delicious chunk of brie, there’s another kind of cheese that’s on our mind: cheesy, sweet young adult romance. Okay, have you read the entire To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series? Do you know how incredible your summer reading experience is about to get? We love cheesy, sweet YA romcoms. So, go ahead and grab a cheese board (mmmm, mozzarella), find a sunny spot, and dive into a different kind of cheese.

  • It’s summer and all we want to do is be outdoors as much as possible. But how can we bring our literary love to the great outdoors? By reading about hiking trails and assigning difficulty ratings to each book’s emotional journey — as we embark on our own trails! — of course. So put on some sunscreen, lace up your boots, and get those summer hiking plans going.

  • Fred Rogers once said, "It takes one letter to say I and four letters to say love and three letters to say you. One hundred and forty-three." In honor of Fred Rogers, May 23 is now 143 Day in Pennsylvania. Celebrate by doing one kind thing for your fellow neighbor! 

    Use the activities on this page—especially the "(Paper) Chain of Kindness" activity—to spread kindness wherever you go today. To read the full activity guide, click here!

  • Photo and quote from author Astrid Lindgren's website:
    "The Lemonade Tree in the Villa Villekulla garden – the one with the hollow trunk where Pippi, Tommy and Annika found lemonade – was one of the ancient elm trees which are still there at Näs."

    While trees deserve love every single day of the year, today we’re taking time out to appreciate some of the most famous and memorable trees of pop culture and the literary world. While there are plenty of trees throughout literature (and not just because, you know, books are made of trees), these are some of our favorites.

  • Season 15 of The Bachelorette has started and the drama is already ramping up. (Chill, dudes!) We’re still dissecting the entrances and opening weird flexes of all of Hannah B’s suitors. But what if – just to shake things up – Chris Harrison introduced a new group of men for next week? We were thinking…some literary dudes might fit the bill? Here’s our dream line up of literary bachelors – and exactly how we envision those first moments at the mansion playing out.

  • This month sees Nicholas Hoult appearing on the big screen as the legendary fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien in the biographical film Tolkien. From the author’s childhood through his time in the war, from his creative passions to his loves, Tolkien promises to be a phenomenal look at the man behind The Lord of the Rings. However, it’s far from the first time that Hoult has starred in a film that is either an adaptation of literature or a portrayal of a literary great. In honor of his latest, we take a look at some of his biggest and best literary roles—and some yet to come.


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