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  • Car-sharing isn’t just about the cheapest and easiest way to get somewhere (without using public transit, of course). It’s also about the conversation. Car-sharing apps and services are all about the personal touch, and chatting to a driver is a great way to get to know the local area, or just to make a journey a little more enjoyable. After all, you get to meet the kind of people that you might never otherwise bump into. It’s all about community. While that’s the ideal, it’s not always the reality! Conversations with Lyft drivers can be everything from illuminating to supremely awkward…and we bet that fictional characters might have just as much trouble as people in the real world when it comes to this particular kind of small talk. 


    For most women, having a tried and true girl squad is pretty much a way of survival in this sometimes (lots of times) terrifying world. You need a group of ladies who care about, support, and love you. You need ladies who will have your back no matter what. Girl squads have been around since well, women have been around, and thanks to this rich, storied history the Girl Squad Phenomenon has, there are so many lessons we can learn from those who’ve squad-ed before us—lessons to help our girl squads be the best girl squad it can be. Here are five of our favorites.

  • We’re celebrating the release of Creed II and Michael Bae Jordan by daydreaming about the literary roles he might one day take on. Sure, we’ve been bookishly sated by Michael B. Jordan before. He featured in that unfortunate adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. And he starred in seasons four and five of Friday Night Lights. (Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.) But today, we’re talking dream roles. And we cannot wait to share those with you.

  • Hunter S. Thompson spent decades looking for the American dream. But did he ever dive into the dark heart of American consumerism itself, Black Friday? Not really, no. But if he had, it’d probably read something like this.

  • The holidays are a time when we surround ourselves with people we rarely see. How do you, a voracious reader, talk to these people? Sure, you’re pretty adept at throwing out a well-timed Dickens reference, and you’re the only one who has read that YA series your niece is now into, but what about when the conversation turns away from books? What if it turns to…sports? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • The long-anticipated reboot She-Ra and the Princess of Power is now on Netflix, led by showrunner Noelle Stevenson. Think that name sounds familiar? She’s the creator of one of our all-time favorite graphic novels, Nimona, and co-creator of the badass middle grade comic series Lumberjanes. If you’re on our feminism-meets-pop-culture wavelength – and we hope you are – you might be thinking, “Oh hey! I know a bunch of other rad women whose work would thrive on Netflix!” Well, come on board, nerds. Because we were thinking the exact same thing.


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