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  • It’s Carrie Fisher’s birthday on October 21 and we still can’t believe she’s gone. She was everything we could ever want in a modern-day hero – bold and brash and unapologetically honest. To honor our dearly departed space mom on her special day, we’re sharing our favorite pieces of Carrie Fisher advice.

  • Most people agree Halloween is the obvious choice for a horror movie backdrop. It’s been done to death (sorry) and we think other holidays should get some recognition. That’s why we want to celebrate October and Halloween by not talking about Halloween at all. Here are some of our favorite horror flicks that take place on other, allegedly less spooky holidays. Reader beware: none of these are safe for work or for young children.

  • We all love monsters, but who among us has the tenacity to raise our own? You may think you don’t have enough room in your city dwelling to properly house a mythical grotesquerie, but there are some breeds of dragons, basilisks and night gaunts that can and do thrive in such a home. Here are four easy steps to lead on the path of raising a nightmarish hellbeast, right in your own living room!

  • Edward Estlin Cummings (ee to his friends) has been heralded as one of the most innovative poets of his time. He toyed with poetic form and noodled about with language to create a poetic style that stands as unique and compelling. What might he think of Twitter, which regularly shifts and twists language much the same way ol’ ee did? The results are surprisingly easy to imagine.

  • In honor of World Mental Health Day, we asked Quirk authors what they do to practice self-care. Need some inspiration? Read on.

  • All month long, we’re celebrating the latest addition to the Sam Maggs canon: Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History. It’s an incredible exploration of women throughout history – and we’re not just saying that because we published it. Did you know about BFF pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who could plunder with the best of them? How about First Nations twin sisters Sharon and Shirley Firth, who went on to become Olympic skiers? Or how about the Edinburgh Seven, friends who fought to become the first women to be admitted to medical school in the United Kingdom? We told you this book was incredible.

    Today, we’re focusing on something a little more now: your own girl squad. Ever find yourself turning to the usual (tired) tropes – brunch or happy hour? Quirk Books to the rescue! We’re here to shake up your calendar and help you make some wonderful memories. Girl squads, unite!


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