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    Everyone’s favorite teenage witch, Sabrina, is about to make her way back to the screen. Making her way into her third season on Netflix, Sabrina Spellman has changed considerably since she was played by Melissa Joan Hart in the ‘90’s. The current incarnation embodied by Mad Men alumni Kiernan Shipka is a tough young woman who is literally taking on the forces of hell. The new season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will see her traversing the dark pit and we at Quirk thought she might need a few book recommendations to help her navigate the toughest parts of her trip.

  • Yesterday was National Cheese Lover’s Day, and while we could spend hours waxing poetic about brie and gouda and blue cheese and oh wow is it lunch time yet? Does anyone have a perfectly curated cheese plate we could just, um, have? No one? Well, in that case, let’s use our cheese powers for good and recommend some books based on your favorite fromage.

  • We’ve been eagerly anticipating what role Robert Downey Jr. would take on in his new post-Marvel life and here it is: Doolittle. This remake of the Dr. Doolittle story has all the familiar elements (talking animals) but with a subtle twist: RDJ’s Dr. Doolittle isn’t frightened by this gift, he embraces it. And with that small change, we’re suddenly incredibly excited to see Doolittle. But before we do so, let’s revisit some of our favorite books about talking animals. Because let’s face it: we’re a little jealous of this new superpower.

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that Regina King is amazing. And if this is a truth you haven’t yet accepted, go watch If Beale Street Could Talk and the new HBO series Watchmen back to back. She’s incredible! We didn’t really need an excuse to celebrate her, but it’s her birthday so we’re going all out. And because we know she loves to take on literary role – see, ahem, If Beale Street Could Talk and Watchmen – we’re putting together a list of literary roles we would love to see her play.

  • We here at Quirk Books revel in all things tasty and bookish. That’s why we’re making a list of our favorite confections from literature. Some of these yummy sweets are just pure imagination, while others you can go buy for yourself!

  • What's the Quirk staff playing lately? We'll tell you! Luigi’s Mansion 3 came to Switch this past Halloween, and we're loving it. Our poor plumber friend must brave a haunted house yet again to save his hapless friends. (Who, really, should start spending a little less time near these ghost-filled mansions in the first place!) As usual, Luigi trusts players to guide him through puzzles and past ghosts (with the help of his trusty little vaccum cleaner!) on his way to help his friends. We feel for Luigi—he’s not the bravest of plumbers, even though he’ll do whatever it takes to save Mario and the gang. So we’re giving him a little reading list…or one to help him between now and the inevitable fourth installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series. We've got your back, Luigi!


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