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  • Brooklyn Nine Nine has just launched its seventh season, with an eighth already confirmed, and fans are thrilled that this epic cop comedy has found a new home on NBC and can keep making us laugh. Police work may be serious business in the real world, but in this fictionalized slice of Brooklyn, it is anything but, with the detectives of the Nine-Nine constantly getting up to all kinds of ridiculous hijinks…and with all that going on, it’s unlikely that most of them have any time to read (except Amy, of course, who will always find time to read), but in case they do, we’ve got the perfect picks for each of them! 

  • Image by skeeze from Pixabay

    It’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day and if you’re anything like us, you’re only thinking of one female dominated sport: cheer. Or, more specifically, CHEER on Netflix. We’ve been biting our nails in anticipation of Daytona – even though we could have easily Googled the results, even though we know Navarro Cheer is the best in the land. And now that we’ve exhausted this incredibly addictive series, all we want to do is cheer on the women of CHEER. Which is how we came up with the not nerdy at all, totally normal idea of sending them some book recommendations.

  • Picture this: you’re in a bookstore and from across the room your eyes lock on “the one." You try to play coy at first, picking up other books but ultimately you pick up the one that's stolen your heart on the spot. You simply can’t just go home and read on the couch, oh no. This book is different. You want to enjoy your time together. You plan to take this book on a date.

  • The Good Place is taking its final bow – and we can’t help feeling a little sad thinking about it. This show has been such a big part of our lives, pushing us to be genuinely better people. And while we’ll always have those old episodes to look back on (thank you, Netflix) we’re really going to miss this show. Which is why we’re giving one last gift to the fans, those extended members of Team Cockroach who’ve been right there with us week after week: a list of books we think Eleanor Shellstrop would love.

  • Imagine you're a struggling astronaut, tasked with trailblazing research on Mars, but as you go about your work, you’re plagued with questionable hallucinations of your past and future that slowly eat away at your sanity. If that concept doesn’t sound horrible enough, throw in some good ol’ tentacle wielding, sentient plant monsters straight out of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, and you’ve got yourselves the concept for Moons of Madness.

    Indie game developer Rock Pocket Games’ first-person cosmic horror game released for PC in October of last year, but we wanted to celebrate the PS4 and Xbox game coming out March 24, 2020. What better way to do that than share a list of other literary monsters that would make amazing (and scary) video game enemies?

  • The Good Place is reaching the end of its run. And while that news makes us genuinely teary eyed, we’re super happy that this team is ending the show on their own terms and giving their fans so much attention and care. (Have you listened to The Good Place: The Podcast? It’s amazing.) And while we could spend all day listing our favorite Good Place moments – um, basically whenever Chidi looks at Eleanor – we want to end the show with our own tribute to the fans, with some book recommendations for Tahani Al-Jamil.


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