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  • It's World Health Day, and even though we're #stayinghome to help flatten the curve, we can still exercise! Are you excited to start training like a soon-to-be-action star? Of course you are! And like any would-be hero/ine, you know exactly how to get there: an epic montage.

    But what really goes into a great montage, and what do you need to know to get started? With these simple steps, you’ll be the best around in no time.

    Special Trainer’s Note: Absolutely train like you’re in a montage, but always remember to stay safe, rest, and refuel/rehydrate as you do. These scenes are generally cut from the final montages, but they are crucial to succeeding in the long run and improving a little more every day.

  • Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

    This past Saturday was School Librarian Appreciation Day, but with most schools closed across the country – and others turning to remote learning – it may have been difficult to appreciate your school librarians from afar. Here at Quirk, we see our librarians as warriors and teachers, purveyors of knowledge and the written word. Which is why we’ve come up with five completely remote ways to say a loud and heartfelt “Thank you!”

  • We're thrilled to announce The Astrology of You and Me placed #6 on Ezvid Wiki's newly published Top 10 Best Astrology Books list!

  • Photo from @kostyadyadyun on Unsplash.

    Ever listen to a song and think, “Oh, wouldn't this fit perfectly with this book?" Whether you associate a song with a specific character, world, or book scene, it’s easy to get as lost in music as it is in a great read, especially when it comes to film scores. Usually relying on instruments and non-lyrical choir harmonies, scores are composed solely for the purpose of a movie, and because of that, often have an underlying narrative that’s vague but powerful enough to elicit specific emotions. They’re dramatic and moving, and applicable to the characters and worlds we love.

    That’s why for National Film Score Day, we’re pairing some of our favorite movie scores (we physically had to restrain ourselves from including at least three Hans Zimmer scores) with their fitting book match. Click each song title to give them a listen on YouTube!

  • Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

    It’s the final season of Schitt’s Creek and we’re feeling very peculiar about it. One minute we’re sad to see David and Patrick and everyone else leave us forever, the next we’re telling everyone we know that we’re happy the show is ending on its own terms. What? You haven’t had a thirty-minute conversation with your favorite barista about the many wigs of Moira Rose? And why not? So today, as we both celebrate and hold vigil for our favorite show on television, we’re exploring the five books we’d love to see in Rose Apothecary before the end of the season.

  • Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

    When Pantone announced that the 2020 Color of the Year would be classic blue, a dusky almost-navy filled with anticipation and clear days that slowly turn to night, our first thought was “Hey, that looks familiar.” Because it was the same color as so many of our favorite books. Today, we’re diving into that deep blue – and how the hue impacts our reading experience every single time.


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