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    Some of us may be limited to virtual celebrations, but that doesn't mean you can't give your cherished dad or father figure an e-book this Father's Day. At $1.99 per title, you can give them a whole bundle of books!

  • (Photo by Monserrat Soldú from Pexels)

    At this point in socially distancing, we’re all getting a little nostalgic for diner food. “Two eggs, any style” is such an open invitation, one that makes the possibilities feel endless. Here at Quirk Books, we’ve been putting our diner day dreams to the test by perfecting our omelets and shimmying as we soft scramble. We’ve even thought about trying to poach an egg! And we want to share our renewed love of eggs with you by recommending the perfect breakfast-book pairings. Ready?

  • [Image by Kranich17 on Pixabay]

    “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!” cheers the eponymous song from Broadway’s Annie, and pop culture is certainly filled with memorable characters who just can’t stop cheesin’. Some smiles are broad, others quiet and mischievous. Some smilers are clever tricksters and others are insecure middle schoolers, but regardless of style, we’re rounding up all of the most memorable mandibles in pop culture!

  • Prices subject to change.

    Summer is just around the corner, and although this year's warmest season may be a bit different, you can still tackle your latest gardening project, enjoy a homemade popsicle, or kick back with a fresh summer cocktail. Need some summer inspiration? Give these discounted e-books a look!


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