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  • A man’s home is his castle, and whether or not your neighbor is a barbarian at the gate is going to make a huge difference when it comes to how happy you are in that home! Neighbors, for better or for worse, can be involved in all aspects of our lives. The good ones are always there for a chat, a cup of sugar, a hand with lifting heavy things or taking care of pets and plants when you are away. The worst kind of neighbors, however, are the ones who keep you up all night with wild parties, who are nosy, noisy, and just plain annoying. Whether you are sharing a wall or just a fence between yards, neighbors matter. Whether you’ve got the kind of neighbor that is more like a friend next door, or the kind that makes you think about moving on a regular basis, celebrate neighbors with this list of our favorite pop culture people next door.

  • Unless you’ve been living under a super powered rock for the past ten years (yes, the first Iron Man premiered back in 2008), then you know cinematic universes are all the rage right now. Marvel’s short after-credits scene at the end of Iron Man changed the dynamics of the entire movie business. Now, with Stephen King kicking off his own mythology mash-up with Castle Rock, we started thinking about what cinematic universes we want to see next.

  • Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon has taken over late night television with his hilarious interviews and celebrity games and parodies… he’s even seen one of the most popular segments of his show (Lip Sync Battle) turned into a TV series all of its own! But he’s so much more than silly sketches and celebrities singing to other peoples’ songs - this father, impressionist and funnyman has also got a bookwormish bent. From interviewing authors and the stars of big screen book adaptations, to reviewing bad books and launching his own book club, Jimmy Fallon’s late night musings can be surprisingly literary… and we’ve got all the best bookish moments for you to enjoy!

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia recently premiered its 13th season (yes, 13!), and we may be a little biased, but it’s one of our long time favorites. Sure, we love how despicable and hilarious Charlie, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Frank are (and bless them for the gift that is Kitten Mittens), but we’re also fans because of the love it bestows on our oft forgotten city of Philadelphia (and, let’s be honest, Chase Utley). Many television shows are set in the same cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago—so it’s nice when the love is spread around to some other fine cities in this country. In honor of that, we wanted to celebrate some television shows that have taken it upon themselves to tell stories in the underrepresented cities of the television landscape. Let’s take a look!

  • Last time: In Which They Go Shopping

    Next time: The Wounded Heart of an Uncaring Cosmos

    New to the group? Meet the monsters.

  • [source: Emmy Awards]

    The 70th annual Emmy Awards are on Monday and while we’ve been re-watching our favorite shows in anticipation, nothing beats the love we have for our favorite novelists. And while the Emmy’s haven’t created an award for Best Original Source Material – and come on, why not? – that hasn’t stopped us from imagining what that nomination pool would look like. And because we can’t bear to imagine any of our favorites losing, we’re dreaming up acceptance speeches for each of them.


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