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  • The holidays are a time when we surround ourselves with people we rarely see. How do you, a voracious reader, talk to these people? Sure, you’re pretty adept at throwing out a well-timed Dickens reference, and you’re the only one who has read that YA series your niece is now into, but what about when the conversation turns away from books? What if it turns to…sports? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • The long-anticipated reboot She-Ra and the Princess of Power is now on Netflix, led by showrunner Noelle Stevenson. Think that name sounds familiar? She’s the creator of one of our all-time favorite graphic novels, Nimona, and co-creator of the badass middle grade comic series Lumberjanes. If you’re on our feminism-meets-pop-culture wavelength – and we hope you are – you might be thinking, “Oh hey! I know a bunch of other rad women whose work would thrive on Netflix!” Well, come on board, nerds. Because we were thinking the exact same thing.

  • November is a bit of a down month. Summer is long gone, the fun of Halloween is over, Christmas is still too far away to get excited about, it’s probably raining outside, and suddenly, it’s getting dark before you even leave work. It’s no wonder that this is a bit of a gray, grumpy month and that all we want to do is stay at home with a good book and a giant mug of tea (or wine). Whether you just have the November blues or you are dealing with something else that’s got you down (a bad breakup, a lost job, or just a day where everything has gone wrong from the moment your feet hit the floor), these books are guaranteed to make you feel just a little bit better about life.

  • National Take a Hike Day is this weekend and despite snow and near-freezing temperatures across the country, we’re going to do everything in our power to get out and hike this weekend. To make this late-season hike more appealing, we’ve gathered some of our favorite books about the great outdoors – pairing them with the hikes that inspired their authors.

  • The People’s Choice Awards happened this past Sunday and we know what you’re thinking. The People’s What? The (ahem) E! People’s Choice Awards honors contributions to pop culture and winners are entirely decided by the general public. It’s like Dancing With The Stars, but for everything. Which got us thinking: what would the People’s Choice Awards look like if they were all about books? Y’all are about to find out!


  • Horror is hard work, y'all. People underestimate just how exhausting it is. Not only do you have to battle masked serial killers, deadly space aliens, or haunted videotapes, but then you’re expected to clock in by nine if you want to keep your job at the local [insert movie trope here]. That hardly seems fair! Still, work is one of those inevitable things, regardless of whether or not you made it to the final cutscene. So at the end of the day, if you’ve just got to pay the bills, here are a couple of the best gigs in horror movies. Feel free to grab an application. Most of them are hiring...


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