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  • Photo by Kevin Mueller on Unsplash

    Many a hero has inspired a man to grow a beard. There’s just something so darn heroic about a gloriously kept face-mane. The wisest of wizards in pop culture are always sporting waist-length white beards to gently stroke as they ponder the problems of the world, the dashing rogues who save the day have some too-busy-saving-the-world-to-shave stubble, and some even have intricately woven beards, or beards dyed and decorated for that extra flair.

    However, for World Beard Day, we’re not looking at the beards of the heroes, but at the (often far more interesting) beards of the villains of pop culture. We’ve come a long way from the boring go-to-goatee that was the ultimate villain look for so long. Check out these incredible beards for every bad guy.

  • [Photo by Abby Chung from Pexels]

    We couldn’t be more excited for International Literacy Day. Books are such a big part of our lives – and we celebrate that every day. But we’re also the first to admit that reading isn’t accessible to everyone, and that literacy isn’t something to be taken for granted. We love recommending graphic novels to the emerging readers in our lives – graphic novels are novels too! – and we’re excited to be sharing five of our favorites with y’all today.

  • Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

    Lighthouses have long captured the romantic imaginations of writers and creators: the symbolism of a single bright light guiding a lost soul home, of the lonely and windswept lighthouse keeper, gazing out to sea, of the call of the sea itself, and, of course, a stone tower that would fit in in a fairytale world. It’s no wonder that lighthouses are so popular in pop culture—even if the real-life lighthouse keepers are becoming increasingly rare to find.

    In honor of all the ways that lighthouses have captured our attention, whether in romance, horror, or something in between, we’re rounding up some of the biggest and best lighthouses in pop culture. 

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    Whether your school is re-opening their doors, signing onto video chat, or blending a hybrid of the two, you'll want to prepare for the upcoming school year with the help of these e-book deals. 

  • [Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels]

    One never needs an excuse to compile read-alike book lists, but August 31st is National Matchmaker Day, which got us thinking: what non-Quirk reads would be the perfect match for our books?

    Like how individuals in a couple can share similar interests and personalities but have their own uniqueness, these book pairings feature titles with thematic and narrative similarities, while managing to separate themselves in their genre. So if you find yourself fond of one of these Quirk titles, try giving their Matchmaker Day buddy a chance for a familiar but fresh read!

  • Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston is out in the world for everyone to read and obsess over and fall in love with. We’ve been in love with the Starfield fandom ever since Geekerella, but Rosie Thorne and Vance Reigns take that fandom to the next level with an entire library of Starfield titles and the massive undertaking of cataloging each and every title.

    Oh, wow do we wish Starfield were real. And since that gorgeous library is nothing more than a fantasy, we’re creating a fantasy of our own: a list of books to read to scratch that Starfield itch. So, look to the stars, aim, ignite, and read on!


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