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  • We love turning our favorite books into sweet treats. This time around, we're asking a new question: what if these YA books were Halloween candy?

  • Ant-Man was introduced to a huge new audience when his standalone movie came out in 2015. Paul Rudd took up the mantle of Scott Lang, who took up the mantle of Ant-Man—the hero who can shrink, grow (in later films), and talk to ants. While that’s good and fun, we can’t help but wonder what the movie would’ve been like if Scott Lang had been afraid of bugs like a normal person. Thankfully, we don’t have to guess any longer. An anonymous source inside Marvel Studios sent us an early draft of the 2015 Ant-Man that answers those questions and more. We’ve reproduced portions of the script below.

  • Last time: In Which the Wolf-Girl Attempts to Find a New Coat

    Next time: Sunny Day, Sweepin' the clouds away...

    New to the group? Meet the monsters.

  • The leaves are changing colors and there’s a wonderful chill in the air. It’s Fall, y’all! And even though we’ve been out of school for years at this point, we still associate this time of year with back to school. Do you remember those notes your parents would pack in your school lunch – those sweet little letters that always left you so embarrassed? We think it’s time to bring those back. Because the sad desk lunch could really use an upgrade. Trust us on this one.

  • New York Comic Con is back again, and we are SO READY. We'll be at booth #2236 from 10/4-10/7 and we'd love to meet you! And, of course, we'll have swag.

    You know the drill. To get the swag, swing by our booth and whisper the top secret password. (It's Quirk E. Godmother.) We're psyched to see you and talk about fandoms and books!

    Here's the inside scoop on all things Quirk @ NYCC:


  • Bojack Horseman returns to Netflix for a fifth season, and fans can’t wait to dive back into a world where animals wear clothes, walk upright, and have existential crises…just like the rest of us! Bojack Horseman is an animation that is also a gut punch of a series, managing to balance the absurd with the kind of moments that get us right in the feels as the washed-up Bojack tries to find a little happiness in Hollywoo. It’s also a surprisingly bookish show (especially for one so doused in sex, drugs, and despair), in no small part because it begins with Bojack attempting to write his memoirs. However, this is far from the only book that pops up in the series…or that we would like to see as part of season five!


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