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    Coconuts can provide hydration and nourishment, especially when lost on a deserted island. Here’s how to open one, with or without your volleyball companion’s assistance.

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    As spring falls away and the first hints of summer begin to shine their way through the clouds, it is important to note that this summer will be different than others. The activities which normally whiled away the hours—like going to conventions, beaches, and amusement parks—are all shut down due to the current Covid-19 situation. Vacations have been canceled, and most people will be spending a lot more time indoors until the world can safely open up again. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to some of the most amazing places in your mind, and what better time to start reading one of those long, epic, and winding tales to fill both your mind and those waking hours? With that in mind, Quirk has a list of especially long standalone novels and even longer series for you to consider reading with links to get them into your hands.  

  • (Header image by elCarito on Unsplash)

    Sandstorms are indeed real—although they don’t usually come about as a result of an ancient curse like in The Mummy. Here’s what to do if you are caught in one.

  • [Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay]

    It’s a well-known fact that the Doctor loves reading books. He even made it a point to visit the biggest library in the universe with his companion Donna (though that didn’t necessarily go as planned). But what would the Doctor choose to read on their summer vacation? We’ve got some Quirk recommendations to help the most recent batch Doctors narrow down from a literal universe of options.

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    Sometimes you don’t have the option of a bigger boat—here’s how to fend off a shark with whatever you have at hand.

  • [Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash]

    Ever watch a movie or show and come across a character that just screams your dad? Maybe your father figure is an Uncle Phil type (strict, but encouraging and loving). Maybe he’s more like the Mad Hatter (an avid tea drinker with curious inclinations).

    No matter the character your father figure reminds you of, for this Father's Day, we're recommending books based off of the pop figure your dad most resembles.


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