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  • Photo via Slightly Winded on Flickr

    Ever wish your toddler was as easy to deal with as, say, your iPhone? Brett R. Kuhn, Ph.D., and Joe Borgenicht, D.A.D. knows how you feel. Like an instruction manual for an advanced gadget, The Toddler Owner’s Manual provides step-by-step directions and tips to train (and troubleshoot) your kid. The following is a detailed primer on getting your toddler to sleep on his own:

  • What’s even more refreshing than Southern-style sweet tea with mint and peach? Southern sweet tea in pop form!

    This cool recipe from Pops! By Krystina Castella is perfect for (Peach Month, as it uses six whole fruits that get frozen right into the pops. Make up a batch or two to share—you and your guests can beat the heat while enjoying sweet, fresh peaches.

  • “I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.” - The Monster

    August 30th is the birthday of one of the greatest horror fiction writers of all time, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. I am a big fan of Frankenstein and I know that I am not alone. A simple look at pop culture will reveal Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster all over the place. The novel Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus, was written as part of a competition created by Mary, her husband Percy, Lord John Byron and John Polidori.

    It is interesting to consider that a simple competition produced a novel which has permeated nearly every aspect of American culture.

  • Have you ever had an entire steak meal in a soft, flour tortilla? Well, now is your chance. Make yourself some steak fajitas. 

    Pre-marinate the skirt steak with seasonings and herbs. Pierce it all around and let the flavors blend. Meanwhile, heat up some flour tortillas. Prepare the vegetable garnishing. Pan sear and sizzle the steak to a magnificent medium rare.  You can do this stove top on a grill pan or grill it outdoors. Either way, once the steak fajitas are all done, the garlic-onion-herb aromas are unbelievable. 

  • As you may have heard, I—William Howard Taft—have returned to life after my century-long hibernation.

    My goal: to run for president in this, the momentous year of 2012! (The details of my return and campaign have been recounted in the book Taft 2012. Or so I am told. I have yet to find the spare time to read it, although I must admit it is quite a handsome volume.) It is my honor and duty to be so considered for a second term, even though my status as an outlying independent candidate has relegated me to the depressing backwater of the mass media.

  • I was in the army for 8 years.

    I put myself through sixteen weeks in Hell at the Infantry School in Georgia. I was eaten alive by mosquitoes the size of your average USB thumb drive in the swamps of Louisiana. I froze in the unimaginable cold in Germany, and I ruined my body as a Paratrooper.

    And this was all outside of Iraq.


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