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    When you imagine a good son, you may conjure up the image of a child or man who always respects their parents or does something above and beyond the average son in some self-sacrificing way, but this list is not about those sons.

    March 4th is National Sons Day (yes, there’s a National Son Day in September and a Son and Daughter Day in August - yes, it’s confusing), so now would be a good time to highlight some of the low-key goodest sons in literature. These are not the sons framed with blinding halos, but rather ones with glaring flaws, ones who’ve lost their fathers or mothers, or ones who quietly but deeply love their parents and deserve the title of goodest sons.

  • Image by PDPics from Pixabay

    March is the perfect month for those linguistic sticklers in your life, whether they're the ones always correcting your grammar or the ones who desperately want to! March 4th is officially Grammar Day, and March 8th is Proofreading Day, so it’s time to celebrate all things grammatical. Maybe you know someone who will fight to the death to defend the Oxford comma or a person who will wax lyrical about their favorite punctuation. Whether it’s a love for grammar itself or, let’s face it, a love of being right, it’s time to celebrate these grammar-loving folks with some fun gifts.

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    Rejoice dear readers, for it is sweater weather! Break out all the wool, flannel, and dare we mention cashmere sweaters that you own!! For this list we’re pairing our dream sweaters with there bookish counterparts. Who’s ready to read and get cozy?

  • Another leap year is here, and while some people might think of surprise proposals or an "extra" day, anyone with a birthday on February 29th knows why the last day of the month is going to be one of the biggest of the year—because it’s time to roll four birthdays into one! Sure, 29thers can just choose to celebrate their big day on the 28th or the 1st for the rest of the time, but it’s just not quite the same…and when there’s an excuse to throw a blowout party four times as big as any other birthday, why not take it?! So for all those leap year babies, we’ve got some inspiration for your 2020 party, straight from the biggest and best celebrations in pop culture.

  • Header from @kalimullin on UnSplash.

    When it comes to sleepy literary icons, many of us think of Sleeping Beauty, Sleepy the Dwarf, or the dormouse from Alice in Wonderland, but what about the lesser known characters who fall asleep in public, and sometimes inappropriate, settings? Ones that could curl up on a park bench, nod off in class, or pass out on public transport?

    February 28th is National Public Sleeping Day and to celebrate we’re highlighting characters who you may not first associate with sleepiness, but ones who could—or have—fallen asleep in public.

  • This April, The Walking Dead will be premiering its second television spinoff series, giving audiences yet another way to explore our favorite flesh-eating apocalypse. But The Walking Dead: World Beyond is just one addition to Robert Kirkman's ever-growing Zombie universe. With multiple novels, several spin-off webisodes, Funko Pops, and even an attraction at Universal Studios, it seems there’s no stopping the slow, ambling expansion of this franchise. So we’re pitching some of our favorite ideas for Walking Dead TV spinoffs. Here’s what we’re hoping to see in 2020.


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