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  • There are plenty of pets in pop culture. Movies, TV, books, and comics are filled with furry (and not so furry) friends. However, there are only a handful that take the task of being a good boy to the next level. The pets that are so much more than just faithful companions. These beasties have superpowers, pocket dimensions, the ability to talk (and drink), and so much more. Who needs a boring old dog when you could have one of these goodest pets in pop culture? 

  • The new film The Prodigy explores what happens when your child is too smart for their own good. As in, the kind of smartness that, naturally, leads to murder (what other alternative could there be?) But what do you do if you happen to give birth to such a genius hellion? Here’s a series of games you can play with your supernaturally intelligent toddler and stave off the destructive impulses that super-genius paradoxically creates!

  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, let’s face it, there’s a lot of pressure to get the perfect gift. You’re already nervous enough that your crush doesn’t like you back -- or that your friends won’t be available for a proper Galentine’s Day bash. You don’t need to added pressure of consumerism. Here’s our advice: skip the chocolates and opt instead for a bookish display of your affections. We came up with a few ideas to get those creative juices going.

  • If you haven’t picked up a copy of Edgar Cantero’s Meddling Kids, then please, for the sake of your childhood, go grab a copy today. The premise of Cantero’s novel is brilliant and simple: what would Scooby and the gang be like today if they were all grown up? The answer? According to Cantero, they'd be—well—let’s just say they aren't the Saturday morning goofballs we remember. In this parallel universe, Cantero’s take on our favorite cartoon sleuths is twisted, hilarious, and at times, delightfully disturbing. We absolutely loved it! Which got us thinking, what other series from our childhoods should be adapted for an adult audience?

  • Have you heard? Natasha Lyonne is slowly being written off Orange is the New Black to headline a show of her own: Russian Doll on Netflix. In fact, the show premiered this week (!!!) and is executive produced by Amy Poehler. So why are we just now hearing about it? The show centers on Natasha Lyonne’s character Nadia, a young woman who can’t stop reliving her 36th birthday. Well...maybe it’s more accurate to say that she keeps dying on her 36th birthday and she just can’t stay dead. And it’s a comedy.

    We’ll definitely be bingeing this show immediately, but it got us thinking about our deep deep love for Natasha Lyonne and all the literary adaptations we’re dying to cast her in. We want her to be constantly booked and unable to take any of our casting suggestions, but just in case…

  • “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” goes the United States Postal Service motto. And why? Well, because mail carriers are badasses, that’s why—and people have noticed. Mail carriers of all shapes, species, and skill levels litter the halls of pop culture. Today, we celebrate eight famous fictional postal workers, regardless of if you trust they would correctly deliver your mail or not.


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