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  • On Friday the 13th, many tattoo shops offer $13 tattoos from a flash board. In the past we've created Literary Tattoos, AKA tattoo designs with a literary theme, but this year we're going with ALL Quirk books. Find out more about the book that goes with each tattoo design below!

  • It’s almost Friday the 13th and our superstitious silly energy is really coming out. Not only is it a Friday (practically the weekend), it’s also this strange time of year when we’re creeping up on the shortest day of the year. It’s spooky season part two, no matter what the calendar actually says, so tack on that extra spooky number 13 and all of the sudden we’re extra on edge. Let’s lean into that weird energy with some book recommendations for this silliest of superstitious days.

  • With Stuff Every Sushi Lover Should Know hitting shelves this month, we have tuna and seaweed on the brain. We thought it might be fun to rename some of our very favorite sushi rolls after our favorite literary delights, pairing one of our favorite foods of all time with some of our favorite books.

  • If you were the kid to dream of piloting your own airplane, drifting through the clouds in a hot air balloon, or engineering your own wings for solo flight, then the upcoming, epic adventure The Aeronauts is for you. Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne reunite as a pilot and scientist duo that aim to fly the highest any gas balloon has flown before. If this concept doesn’t stir that adventurous aeronaut in you, then maybe these book recommendations will.

  • We all know that books are the best gifts a person could ever give or receive. (It’s an undisputed fact. Please don’t try to fight us on this.) But what if you want to get a jump start on gifts for the kids in your life? Don’t fret! We have you covered with our very favorite holiday-themed books for kids, books that will have them smiling all month long – and for years to come.   

  • It’s no wonder that Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world (and the cartoon world, and the toy world): everyone wishes they could have an awesome fantasy pet that is easily transportable, extraordinarily useful, and comes with a few extra powers. What child wouldn’t want that? (For that matter, what adult would turn it down?)

    However, Pokemon are far from the only creatures in the world that would fulfill these requirements…at least to some degree. The world of literature is packed with creatures that would make for perfect real life pets, if only they existed.


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