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  • Burgers are one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you cook yours with meat, or veggies, we can all agree that a good burger is hard to beat. We bet you enjoyed a burger over your Labor Day weekend, and since summer has come to an unofficial close, we decided to rank the BEST fictional burgers of all time!

  • Happy Birthday, Keanu Reeves! This breathtaking power Virgo was born September 2, 1964. Let’s celebrate everyone’s favorite internet boyfriend by finding out just which iteration of Keanu is The One for you.


    You and your boyfriend Keanu meet-cute…

  • It’s back to school time and we’ve got college dorms and homecoming games on our mind. In fact, August 30 is College Colors Day, which gives us that much more to celebrate. In honor of the leaves in the quad changing color and the marching band taking the field, here are some of our favorite YA books about college students.

  • Per the urban dictionary, a glo-up is a play on the phrase "grow up," when someone goes through a metaphorical transformation. This is reflected in the person’s new sense of self-confidence. And since being self-confident is seen as an attractive trait, those who glo-up are often seen as radiating beauty. So, who are these confident cuties? See our list of glo-ups below.

  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark haunted an entire generation. The combination of spooky folklore and terrifying imagery had a way of getting under your skin. Even today, people are fascinated with them. So, in celebration of the new movie by producer Guillermo del Toro, Quirk has decided to release its own collection of scary stories. But these aren't just any old tales of darkness and woe. These, dear reader, are Scary Stories about books themselves!

  • They say with age comes wisdom, but what about all the other cool stuff? Yes, old people are cool. They play their own rules because who can reprimand them? They also tell the best stories, know interesting history, and most importantly they love to share what they’ve learned. So here are a few of our favorite seniors citizens we inspire to be like when we grow up.


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