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  • Bohemian Rhapsody opened nationwide this week and as a bunch of nerds who love Freddie Mercury, we cannot wait to see it. In fact, if you’d put the casting in our hands, we would have chosen Rami Malek too. So, today, we’re looking at the literary references in Queen’s extensive rock catalogue. Feeling under pressure to fill your TBR? Keep reading.

  • Halloween is here, and we’re in that gorgeous seasonal sweet spot where it’s just as exciting to take a brisk walk in the leaves as it is to cuddle up indoors with a good book. Which is why we’re merging those two activities together for the ultimate Halloween activity: spooky podcasts and horror novels. Now let’s get scared.

  • Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is out now and we couldn’t be more excited. Seeing Sabrina Spellman back in the spotlight is giving us serious late 90s vibes. (Remember when The WB was a thing?) And while Kiernan Shipka is exactly who we would cast in a remake of this cult classic, a small part of us is going to miss Melissa Joan Hart -- specifically her face on the cover of every single Sabrina the Teenage Witch book.

    Hang on, you didn’t know there were books? The '90s was filled with mass produced paperback series aimed at teenage readers. (You’ve read our book Paperback Crush, right?) Today, we’re digging back into this wildly entertaining series, ranking our favorites and giving some serious side eye to some of the more ridiculous plot points.

  • When Sarah Sanderson comes calling...I’ll follow.

    Here a few orange and black “nuggets” to impress your friends over the apple-bobbing bucket this Halloween. P.S. Beware “dog germs,” of course.

  • It’s almost time for Halloween, which means planning for Halloween parties! But what to do when you want to have a more literary bent to your party? One need not go the full Phantom of the Opera and kidnap someone, throw a chandelier at the rest of your guests, and then act like you’re the victim, here (though I suppose you could). Here are some easy and fun ways to bring your literary love into your costume soiree.

  • Batman has Robin. Captain America has Bucky. And Yankee Doodle had...Dandy. Find out your sidekick name so you can team up with your very on heroic (or dastardly) companion!


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