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Dead Men Who Tell Tall Tales

(Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash)

Dead narrators in literature, plays, and film aren’t uncommon, especially when one considers ghosts, zombies, and other supernatural beings that are dead, but… not. We’ve compiled a list of a few books that utilize the trope of posthumous narration without going the supernatural route.

Posted by Sara Grochowski

Women and Space: A Roundup

(Photo by Ellyot on Unsplash)

As space pioneer Sally Ride’s birthday approaches (May 26) and discussion of the incredible women in Hidden Figures demands attention and captivates imaginations, we consider the role of women in science and how, for years, their stories have been superseded by their male counterparts. Today we honor Sally Ride and the countless women who broke boundaries and denied stereotypes by highlighting exceptional accounts of their stories.

Posted by Sara Grochowski

Scurvy Awareness: Pirate Books

A mention of the word ‘scurvy’ often brings to mind pirates, but you might not be aware that scurvy is a very real and still relevant issue. Scurvy is a condition caused by a lack of vitamin C, which causes tiredness, muscle weakness, rashes, and bleeding gums. Pirates often suffered from scurvy due to the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables while sailing the seven seas. May 2nd is Scurvy Awareness Day, so to do our part, we’re highlighting 5 swashbuckling stories about pirates! The Limestrong website also recommends making your cat a fruit helmet and sharing via social media, which we also fully endorse. Yes, there are pictures for inspiration!

Posted by Sara Grochowski

Books Set in Really Cold Places

[Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash]

Fans of FX’s Fargo are anxiously awaiting the new season, ready to be transported back to frozen Minnesota for more conspiracy and murder. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the show, a frigid setting in which one wrong step could be just as dangerous as any villain is undeniably fascinating. These books with glacial settings are sure to enthrall.

Posted by Sara Grochowski