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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Kids Ages 8–12

These middle grade reads are sure to be a hit!


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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Kids Ages 0–8

Hey there, holiday gift shoppers! Here you’ll find a selection of books for the littlest readers in your life, ranging from board books to picture books. Browse our site for even more gifts for young readers!


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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: White Elephant Gifts

These White Elephant gifts are sure to be hits. Gift away!


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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Lifestyle and Wellness

These lifestyle and wellness books are beautifully designed with great self-care tips and friendly, accessible advice. Happy shopping!


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Hang with Us at New York Comic Con (Booth 2941)!

Heading to New York Comic Con this year (10/6–10/9)? Make sure to stop by booth 2941 to say hi, and keep this schedule handy to catch our author signings and book giveaways.

Oh, and by the way, #QuirkTurns20 this year. To celebrate, we’re bringing back our secret password giveaway throughout the show. If you’re going to NYCC, recite the password to a Quirker behind the booth to receive a prize. *Limited quantity available!*

Secret password: QUIRK TURNS 20

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Dare to Know author James Kennedy’s “Damn Fine” Thoughts on David Lynch

I’ve been a fan of David Lynch ever since high school, when I recklessly watched a VHS of Eraserhead alone at one in the morning. Such an experience leaves its mark. As it turns out, my latest novel, the speculative thriller Dare to Know—about a company that can calculate the precise time of one’s death with perfect accuracy—has been described as “Lynchian.” Cool!

But what does “Lynchian” really mean? David Foster Wallace tried to define it as the “irony where the very macabre and the very mundane combine in such a way to reveal the former’s perpetual containment within the latter.” (Pretty fancy talk for a guy who kept doing a running joke about Depend adult undergarments in Infinite Jest.)

But there’s more to Lynch than just that macabre/mundane tension, DFW! Instead of one totalizing formula, I feel there are several distinct tendencies that recur in Lynch’s work—and yeah, some of those tendencies also show up in Dare to Know.

So settle in with your coffee and cherry pie—or garmonbozia, if you’re hardcore—and let’s look at what makes something Lynchian.

Posted by James Kennedy