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Five Horror Movies for Book Snobs

‘Tis the season for horror movie binging. Hear the singing?

But for many of us here at Quirk, Halloween fare lacks a certain something. Hacked-up teens and creepy crawlers are great and all, but we book nerds need something more. Is internal conflict too much to ask of the horror genre?

Not so. Here are five horror movies especially for book snobs. Join in the holiday spirit without sacrificing cinematic and narrative quality.  

Posted by Joe Costal

The Smarty Pants Guide to Watching Rocky Horror

“I wanna go oh-oh.”

And I did. Again and again. There I found freaks and deviants. Strung-out fiends in gobs of eye make-up and lip gloss. And I loved it, somehow. Every salacious second. From the “the back row-oh-oh” to the front, where the mix of sweat and mascara and spit from the live performers showered down like rain on Brad and Janet.

Luckily, I had an umbrella. Everyone did.

Posted by Joe Costal

Sound Like a Smarty Pants at Your Own Jersey Shore Dinner Party

As summer winds down, we of the great Northeast return from our coastal abodes…back to the hibernal embrace of our more urban homesteads. Philadelphians are no exception. This time of year, they leave behind the sand-caked flip-flops and boardwalk pizza to re-haunt the cityscapes and suburbs of the Delaware Valley. 

Posted by Joe Costal