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  • If you’re anything like us, GLOW has taken over your life. After finishing the (too short) first season, we’re blasting “We Don’t Get Along” by The Go-Go’s as we Google wrestling classes in our area. (Chikara Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, we’re coming for you.) But between group texting with our girl gang and digging through Goodwill piles for 80s unitards, we’ve come up with a reading list inspired by the female wrestlers of GLOW. Ladies and germs, are you ready to readdddddddddddddd?

  • If you’re an avid bibliophile, who also happens to be well-versed in social media, then you probably have heard of the subculture on Instagram called bookstagram. It’s a wonderful community of readers who share their love for books, but more specifically, share their love of taking photos for books. Here are a few tips on taking photos and navigating your way through being a #bookstagrammer.

  • Whether she’s playing the iconic Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, the heartbreaking and heartwarming Hannah Pitt in Angels in America, or the ABBA-belting Donna in Mamma Mia, one thing’s certain: Meryl Streep has got it going on. To celebrate our love for Meryl, here are five geeky roles we’d love for her to play.

  • Catfishing is defined as “luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.” Contemporary teens and young adults are well aware of the dangers of online fraud, but online and virtual romantic relationships often prove that love is blind. We’ve highlighted four YA titles in which catfishing takes center stage, leading to either happily ever after or disaster.

  • Jordan Ellis is the incredible force behind Jordandené, which creates all sorts of geeky products—everything from tees and tanks to undies and bags. All products are homemade in Brooklyn. We're super excited to be featuring Jordan here on our blog.

    And hey, we even teamed up with Jordandené for a Geekerella tee!

  • As the lone Canadian in Wonder Women, Sarah Emma Edmonds has a special place in my heart – and hopefully in yours, once you hear about her amazing exploits. You can read her story in full in my book Wonder Women, but I thought I would share with you my quick Coles Notes* on one of the most bad-ass nerdy babes in history, supplemented by original ephemera from Michigan in Letters, Collections Canada, and her own book.


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