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Ten Excellent YA Chica Lit Novels To Read During Hispanic Heritage Month

Just as the rise of “chick lit” is often credited to Helen Fielding’s debut Bridget Jones’s Diary, the birth of “chica lit” is said to swell from Alisa Valdes’ debut megahit The Dirty Girls Social Club. And if you haven’t guessed already, essentially the genre is a segment of women’s fiction that features a Latina protagonist, and it has a young adult counterpart.
Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on September 15th (don’t ask me why it starts in the middle of the month), and if you haven’t delved into the world of chica lit, then let me introduce you.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl... Have a Cookie

It's possible your childhood wasn't complete without treasured books such as Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach. The master behind these slightly twisted tales, Roald Dahl, would have been a whopping 97 years old on September 13th, and who wouldn't love a delectable cookie on their birthday?

In honor of Dahl and his dark side (Curious? Dahl didn't just turn Violet Beauregarde into a giant blueberry … check out My Uncle Oswald) here are boozy bourbon peach cookies, perfect for nibbling along with your afternoon tea, just the way Dahl may have done on his birthday.

Come out and Celebrate Pom-Poms in Brooklyn—2 dates!

Make. Wear. Show. Share. POMS!

We're thrilled to announce two super-wonderful events to celebrate the pomtastic release of Lexi Walters Wright and Sarah Goldschadt's new craft book: POM-POMS!

Four Unique Ways To Show Off Your Love of Books

If you love it, show it. And I'm not just talking about people, although if you haven't called your mom today and told her you love her, go ahead and do so.

I love books, I have since I was a kid. So much so that even when people are discussing a book I have no interest in reading, I still love to see their passion for reading. Thanks to the Internet we can now easily share our passions, show our love and get inspired by others love proclamations.

Here are people creatively showing their love for books along with items you can purchase to show yours.

The Annotated, Critical Text of Arthur’s “Having Fun Isn’t Hard [When You’ve Got A Library Card]”

At once a paean to the most beneficial vestige of Social Darwinism and a gosh-darn catchy tune for kiddos, the song “Having Fun Isn’t Hard [When You’ve Got A Library Card] is a masterful tapestry of literary allusions that has nevertheless escaped authoritative theoretical deconstruction…until now. But it’s Library Card Sign-Up Month, so the day has come. I present, without further ado, the annotated stanzas of this modern-day hymn to the miracle of multimedia.

Craft-A-Thon Summer Roundup!

Here are a few highlights from the Summer Craft-a-thon!


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