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Some of The Most Memorable Fictional Bosses

Do you dread going to work because you have the supervisor from hell? Would you treat your manager like royalty if you could? Are you your own boss? Or just boss in general?

Whatever it is, pick your reason to celebrate today since October 16 is Boss’s Day, even if it’s just to get on your boss’s good side! Here are some of the most, well, let’s call them memorable bosses!

Oscar Wilde Cupcakes: Boozy Chocolate With Pecan Praline Filling

Today we're saying "Happy Birthday" to the greatest dandy of them all—Irish poet, playwright and novelist—the formidable Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde. 

Wilde was known for his wit and a love of all things decadent. In honor of this chap's 159th birthday (I'd hate to see what the portrait in his attic looks like now!), here's a sinfully decadent and boozy cupcake recipe, full of chocolate, buttery pecans and, of course, Irish whiskey. As someone who once said, "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best," then this is a birthday treat that delivers, and can entertain the likes of people like Lord Goring and Lady Bracknell.

Four Simple Literary Costume Ideas For Halloween

When it comes to holidays, it's pretty hard to beat a day of costumes and candy, but the hardest part about Halloween is deciding what to wear. Here are some ideas that work whether you have time to prepare or need a costume in a pinch.

Born This Way: One Year Anniversary & National Coming Out Day

Hey everyone,

Today is a special occasion: it’s marks the 1st Anniversary of the release of my Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay book. I can’t believe a whole year as passed! For now, let’s all light some rainbow colored candles and blow them out for the book. To check out some videos from our spectacular book launch event in LA last year (featuring Frank DeCaro, Miss Coco Peru, Jackie Beat, Patrick Bristow, Prince Poppycock and more), you can click here.

In the year that’s passed, I’ve seen my book get met with such positive, wonderful reviews and feedback, and I’ve been contacted by many parents who have found it to be a really helpful tool in understanding their own gay children. And I know that it’s reaching kids too – gay and straight alike – and that’s really all I ever wanted to see: that my book could have a positive impact on their lives. And if you have someone in your life that might be gay or questioning, give them a copy of my book. I bet it will make them smile.

Also, this Friday October 11th marks another National Coming Out Day. It’s interesting to see what coming out looks like in 2013, because now when someone in the public eye does it, it’s usually done so casually and smoothly, sometimes we barely notice. But it is no less important. And the better news is that being out today is not met with the shock or career-damage it once was. In fact, these people are almost always applauded and celebrated for being out.

Suburban Legends: The Prime-Time Poltergeist [Excerpt]

An eBook exclusive re-release of Sam Stall's Suburban Legends came out October 1st! So through the month of October, we're sharing excerpts from the collection of spooky stories. Because Halloween! 

They told you the suburbs were a great place to live. They said nothing bad could ever happen here. But they were wrong.

This collection of terrifying true stories exposes the dark side of life in the ’burbs—from corpses buried in backyards and ghosts lurking in fast food restaurants to UFOs, vanishing persons, bizarre apparitions, and worse. 

So lock your doors, dim the lights, and prepare to stay up all night with this creepy collection of true tales. We promise you’ll never look at white picket fences the same way again!

Read an excerpt below (The Prime-Time Poltergeist), and pick it up for $3.99 via AmazonBarnes & Noble, or the iBookstore this month! 

Three Great Presents Perfect for a Bookish Sweetest Day

I didn't realize that Sweetest Day was a holiday until I started dating (and later got engaged to) a lovely gal from Michigan.

Founded in the 1920's with the intention of giving out candy to people who had fallen on hard times, Sweetest Day is generally celebrated in the Great Lakes region of the United States... which means a majority of my friends haven't heard of it. Though thanks to my fiancee it is now regularly celebrated in at least one confirmed apartment in Philadelphia. Mine. 

I've long since given up the hope of trying to hunt down anything Sweetest Day related in Philadelphia. Bringing up the holiday to friends simply gets me strange looks. So when it comes to finding the perfect gift, like most gentlemen in crisis, I turn to Etsy

Behold! Three perfect presents for your bookish Sweetest Day sweetheart. If one of these is out of stock by the time this blog post goes live... it's because I bought it. I'm not even sorry.


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