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10 Awesome Starter Comics Series for Bookish Types

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For the book fiend who devours novel after novel—with little regard to whether it has pictures in it or not—diving into comics might seem daunting. Heck, even dipping a toe into comics might. There are so many out there—not to mention all the countless spinoffs and reboots. Starting on a whole new medium altogether can feel like drowning, and so the book fiend dismisses it with a wave and goes back to novels, where it's safe and familiar.

Well. There is no surefire guide out there for getting into comics (except one personally tailored to your interests by a close friend or an amazing comic store employee). But I've compiled a list that I think comes really, really close. This list is tailored to the interests of the literary nerd—the rad individual who reads voraciously and is ready for the next cool thing, if only they had a diving board. Cannonball!

Happy #Quirksgiving: Join Us For A Month Of Giveaways!

Happy November, Quirk fans!

In addition to our fabulous Quirk Perks discounts this month (which include Geek Wisdom and The Cookiepedia), we're launching a month of fabulous giveaways!

That's right. An entire month. 

Quirk DIY Book Club Results: Creepy Cute Crochet!

Last month's Quirk Perk and Quirk DIY Book Club pick was Creepy Cute Crochet. As part of the whole Book Club experience, we're encouraging winners to send in pictures of their projects. Last month's winners, Katie Hilton and Stephanie Johnson, were kind enough to send in pictures of their crafts, and we just love them!

Check them out after the jump!


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