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How To Make Halloween Themed Sprinkled Party Spoons


So Jackie Alpers' Sprinkles! is coming out next week, and bloggers have already started posting about the book. Last week, Amy Tong over at posted her take on Jackie's Party Spoons recipe, giving it a clever Halloween spin, and we just loved it so much here at the Quirk HQ, that I had to repost it. 

Check out the photos below, and head on over to Amy's site to scope out the recipe. Nicely done, Amy! 

Five Canadian Authors I'm Thankful For This (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Image via Tumblr

On October 14th, my friends in Canada (I'm looking at you, @RandomHouseCA!) will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and I'll be sitting here jealous in Philadelphia. Because I want Thanksgiving turkey RIGHT NOW and have to wait until November. And no, the Thanksgiving sandwich they make at Cosi will not hold me over. Stop suggesting that, Blair

So as I sit here, cranky, I decided to reflect on some Canadians I'm thankful for. And not just our publishing buddies up north or our fabulous Quirk blogger @MsMariaVicente, but the fantastic authors that call Canada home. Thanks for writing (and sometimes drawing!) such amazing work. 

Celebrating Star Wars Reads Day, Plus Win Some William Shakespeare's Star Wars Posters!

This Saturday, the bookish community will be celebrating the literary world of Star Wars, and we're super excited to be a part of it. Hooray for Star Wars Reads Day

Suburban Legends: Roadside Assistance [Excerpt]

An eBook exclusive re-release of Sam Stall's Suburban Legends came out October 1st! So through the month of October, we're sharing excerpts from the collection of spooky stories. Because Halloween! 

They told you the suburbs were a great place to live. They said nothing bad could ever happen here. But they were wrong.

This collection of terrifying true stories exposes the dark side of life in the ’burbs—from corpses buried in backyards and ghosts lurking in fast food restaurants to UFOs, vanishing persons, bizarre apparitions, and worse. 

So lock your doors, dim the lights, and prepare to stay up all night with this creepy collection of true tales. We promise you’ll never look at white picket fences the same way again!

Read an excerpt below (Roadside Assistance), and pick it up for $3.99 via AmazonBarnes & Noble, or the iBookstore this month! 

The Greatest Pumpkin Spice Latte Moments in Literature

When it comes harbingers of fall, the pureed-squash coffee cocktail known as the Pumpkin Spice Latte looms large. Somewhere around the autumnal equinox, Pumpkin Spice hysteria settles over the nation like a miasma, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Lines stretch around corners. Bank accounts are liquidated. Pumpkin-deprived consumers sprawl in the gutter, eyes dull and devoid of spiciness.

But the cult of this artificially-flavored hot beverage is far from a modern phenomenon. Writers through time immemorial have devoted countless words of pen and page to this wondrous drinkstuff. The PSL has inspired more beauty, mystery, and whimsy in the world of literature than absinthe, opium, and upper-downer goofballs combined. Behold:

Quirk Heads to New York Comic Con 2013!

Well, it's that time of year. When we pack our bags, box up our books, and make the great pilgrimage up north to New York Comic Con.


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