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Five Book Characters Who Rock Costumes Beyond Halloween

Happy birthday month, Maurice Sendak! We love how Max wears his wolf costume, even if it does inspire him to wreak havoc and get in trouble. In tribute to his sartorial daring, we made a list of five characters who wear costumes on days other than October 31.


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Book Round Up: Pretty Little Liars

Gotta secret? Can you keep it? Well, you know the rest. While everyone is trying to figure out who “A” is, we at Quirk Books are flagging every book reference we can catch. In anticipation of the seventh (and final!) season, here’s a round up of our favorite Pretty Little Liars literary references.


Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson

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Quirky History: Rabbits Doing Weird Things in the Margins of Medieval Manuscripts.

Here at Quirk Books we are of the opinion that medieval manuscripts are among the most amazing works of book art there are. We especially like the manuscripts where weird things happen in the margins. And especially when sweet, innocent animals, such as rabbits, turn into lean, mean killing machines. Who knew that Thumper could be so vicious?

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The Most Fashionable Book Characters

We don’t know about you, but we have been anxiously awaiting New York Fashion Week to see the latest style trends. Alas, it is months away in September. In order to tide us over, we have compiled a list of our favorite fashion-forward book characters.


The Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

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The Sorting Hat of Game of Thrones

Everyone from Buzzfeed to the JK Rowling’s official website, Pottermore, offers quizzes that allow voracious readers of the Harry Potter series to try to guess which of the four Hogswart Houses they would be sorted into. As all Potter fans know, Harry and most of his friends are members of Gryffindor, the house known for its scarlet and gold lion banners, and as the house of the bravest Hogwarts students. But the other houses have proud histories as well: Ravenclaw, which takes the intellectually curious, Hufflepuff of the kind and hard-working, and Slytherin for the sly and ambitious. All of the houses have their own quirks and culture and all attract certain types of students.

In watching the complicated and three-dimensional characters on Game of Thrones, it can be interesting to think which houses the various characters would be sorted into by the reliable Hogwarts sorting hat (which looks into each student and decides where they best fit). After all, in the world of Westeros, alliances between houses are far more serious and deadly than those regarding the Hogwarts House Cup. Yet certain characters do seem to be obvious choices for particular houses – and their Quidditch matches would definitely have a certain ferocity!


The Lannister Twins: Slytherin

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