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Holiday Beverages for Bookworms

The holidays are finally upon us! This hopefully means you have some free time to relax in your favorite reading chair and read a book by candlelight. To make your holiday reading even more special, pour yourself a glass of the perfect beverage to go with whatever genre your heart has chosen.

The Perfect Book for Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song, Kind Of!

It’s not just Friday the 13th: it’s also…well, Friday December 13th, birthday to America’s On-Again-Off-Again Sweetheart, Taylor Swift! And since some music critic somewhere has probably likened her songs to novels—right?—spend her glorious natal day blasting her hit singles and reading the appropriate work of literature. Your new favorite book is only as far away as your favorite Taylor Swift song, metaphorically speaking!

What if Christmas Carols Were Actually Books?

Some titles are too good to be reserved for seasonal singalongs. Here's a few carols we'd love to see pull double duty on our bookshelves...

All Four Craft-A-Day Apps Discounted For The Holidays!

Hey crafters! Did you know in addition to being an awesome book, Craft-A-Day by Sarah Goldschadt is also an app? Well, some of it anyway.

There are special seasonal apps that tie in to Sarah's book, like how seasonal flavors compliment a delicious cup of coffee. Think pumpkin spice, but for your iPad. 

We've discounted the seasonal apps for the holidays, each of which is loaded with a number of fun projects. Go ahead and head over to the App store and pick them up for just 99 cents! Links are below! 

Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

Rainbow Sprinkles Blog Tour Roundup

Some of the best bloggers from around the web made recipes inspired by my new book Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts. One of my favorite sprinkles inspired quotes came from We are not Martha who said, "sprinkles are one of the happiest things in all the world. They’re on the same level as glitter… except they’re edible. So, they automatically win. "

Thanks for participating everyone! It was a ton of fun and I got to meet some tremendous blogger/bakers.

Six Literary Alternatives to the Elf on a Shelf

You probably know about "The Elf on a Shelf," a toy that parents can use to convince kids that a creepy elf is watching their every move. Which is basically the plot of George Orwell's 1984, right? So we wondered...what other forms of Thing-on-a-Thing-based holiday behavior modification could be taken from classic and contemporary literature? The possiblities are endless... or at least six.


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