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I Don't Think It Means What You Think It Means: Five Literary Words That Were Tricky to Translate

Happy International Translation Day! Or should I say Joyeux Jour de la Traduction, or perhaps Guten Übersetzungtag?

Semantics aside (for now), translation deserves to be celebrated: it’s awesome, it’s nifty, and it’s essential. Unless you want to spend years learning Russian or Old Icelandic, you need translators if you want to become well-read. But taking a work of literature in one language and wrangling it into another goes way beyond just flipping words over like flash cards—anyone who’s ever screwed around on Google translate for two minutes can tell you that. Preserving the poetry and power of certain passages is a delicate business—and a messy one. Here are five famously stubborn words that have caused many a footnote (and headache) for translators.

Six Publishing-Themed Movies for Every Literary Genre

The publishing industry might not be the most natural fit for exciting on-screen moments. (I’m still waiting for the reality version of So You Think You Can Write?) But that doesn’t mean that Hollywood has completely ignored the thrill that can be found in creating the written word. So if you’re looking for films featuring your beloved profession, below are some movies that tackle every aspect of the publishing industry from literary agents, to bloggers, to ghost writers, to children’s books, to the occasional psychotic editor.


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