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Bookish Pumpkin Templates: Warren the 13th and More

Is the Halloween season truly spooky if you don't carve at least one pumpkin? We'll answer that for you: nope. Get yourself a pumpkin, some carving utensils, and settle in. We've rounded up some great literary pumpkin carvings to give you inspiration.

As an added bonus, Will Staehle created a Warren the 13th carving template for you to print out and recreate at home!

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Five Horror Movies for Book Snobs

‘Tis the season for horror movie binging. Hear the singing?

But for many of us here at Quirk, Halloween fare lacks a certain something. Hacked-up teens and creepy crawlers are great and all, but we book nerds need something more. Is internal conflict too much to ask of the horror genre?

Not so. Here are five horror movies especially for book snobs. Join in the holiday spirit without sacrificing cinematic and narrative quality.  

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Literature's Most Scaredy Cat Characters

When it comes to reading, we tend to remember the brave and courageous. But what about the cautious and apprehensive? These fearful individuals are often overlooked by their heroic couterparts. For this spooky holiday season, let's celebrate the scaredy cats in literature!

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Frankenstein’s Support Group For Misunderstood Monsters

Thursday, 8pm. Unitarian Church basement.

FRANKENSTEIN: Welcome, everyone. I see we have some new faces here, some new faces on familiar bodies, as well as some who don’t have faces at all. Welcome all. Help yourself to some cocoa. To those who are new, my name is Frankenstein, but you can call me Frank. (sees WOLFMAN with his arm raised) Yes? There’s no reason to raise a paw. Just speak up.

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10 Typographical Fall Decorations

Warning! This post contains images of books that have been recycled into crafty decorations, which some readers might find disturbing. If you can’t stand the thought of a book being torn apart for decorative purposes, you may not wish to go on.

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October is the month we’re basically made up of sugar, obsessed with watching as many horror movies as possible, and reading ALL the dark books. Throw in Halloween crafts plus putting together our costumes—did we mention all the Halloween candy we eat?!—and you can see why it’s our favorite month.

In the spirit of continuing the fun we decided to play a game: #HalloweenABook. Make sure to join us on Twitter!

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