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Ernest Hemingway Rewrites Book Summaries

Sometimes book summaries are downright lengthy. And who has time for all of that? Like, just give us the necessary details and get on with the actual book.

Hemingway gets it. He's the King of Brevity, the Ruler of Simplicity, the Banisher of Adverbs. His signature terse style is iconic. Instead of hunting lions or seeing a bullfight, which we find to be unethical, we'll have Hemingway do what he does best--give it to us straight. 

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Misunderstood Moms of Literature

When Mila Kunis’ character says, “Let’s be bad moms,” in the Bad Moms trailer, she’s not talking neglect-your-kids bad. What she means is, “Let’s stop trying so hard to attain perfection.” Which is totally understandable.

But when you turn the question of “bad”-ness to the moms of literature, there are definitely mother characters for whom bringing doughnut holes to their kid’s event is a level of kindness they’ll never attain. Let’s take a look at those moms who might be considered legit bad…or just misunderstood.

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A Walk with Hillary

The DNC is here, and with it comes a whole slew of political figures and celebrities and incredible speeches. The woman of the hour? Hillary Rodham Clinton. As luck would have it, Quirk was fortunate enough to get an exclusive with the presidential nominee—in paper doll form. Here’s a recap of Paper Doll Hillary adventuring around Philly.

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Bookish Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

Mayday! We're less than six months ‘til Christmas! For those of you who can't wait quite that long, we've rounded up a few ways to celebrate Christmas right now, in July.

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July's Quirk Perk: Home Alone

Home Alone illustrated by Kim Smith: $3.99!

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