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Celebrate Campfire Cuisine's 7th Birthday with Spicy-Cheesy Corn Cakes

I can hardly believe that my first “baby,” Campfire Cuisine, turned seven years old on May 1. And like any parent, I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone. But the coolest part is that to celebrate the occasion, Quirk Books released a new, upgraded, updated, spiffed up edition of the book. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present.

I’m really excited about the new edition. Like the first, it looks adorable and is packed full of helpful tips and recipes for incredibly delicious camping cuisine (if I do say so myself). Plus, this new edition has a bunch of great new recipes. I’m
especially excited about this recipe for Spicy-Cheesy Corn Cakes spiked with red chiles, cilantro, and cheese (I like a tangy goat cheese here). They seem fancy enough to serve for an at-home brunch, but the recipe is so simple it can easily be made at a campsite and they’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Three Father's Day Gifts That Don't Exist--But, I Totally Want!

I'll be honest. I'm a total sucker for the DIY Father's Day gifts that my kids bring home from school. Something with their handprint on it or a homemade pencil case? Perfect. But, this year, I'd like something a bit more practical...

Spring Craft-a-Day Recap!

Here are a few highlights from the Spring Craft-a-thon!

Sing and then Mate and then Die

periodical cicada

by Buzzy the Cicada

Pssssttt…hey, you down there. Yeah, that’s right. Hi. I’m up here, in the tree. You got a minute?

Six Great Movies for Book Lovers

If you’re tired of reading black ink on a white page, or black pixels on a white screen, take a break and watch one of Quirk’s recommended movies for book lovers. We all need a break sometimes, but a break doesn’t mean you have to abandon your precious books.

New York Book Launch for The Resurrectionist on June 17th!

Quirk is thrilled to announce a book launch and gallery show for The Resurrectionist: The Lost Works of Dr. Spencer Black by artist and debut novelist E.B. Hudspeth in Brooklyn, NY on June 17th! 


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