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Super Bowl Party Prep: White Cheese Nachos With Black Beans, Salsa and Jalapeños

Look to the nachos, folks. Look to the nachos. This recipe makes a white nacho cheese sauce instead of the traditional yellow. Black beans add contrast, fiber and a bit more protein. Ok, the jalapenos are green and the salsa red, so there are more colors here than just black and white, but you get the point.

Find Momo: The Book Trailer (Plus A Book & Poster Giveaway!)

Find Momo, a book featuring the Instagram-famous, hide-and-seek-loving border collie Momo, snuggles up into bookstores everywhere this Spring. And we just can't wait.

10 Life Lessons from Super Mario Bros

1. The princess will always need saving.
No matter how many times Mario saves Princess Peach, she’s captured again in the next installment of Super Mario Bros. Life’s annoying like that too. The moment you finish one thing, something else will appear. Just keep on playing.

10 Future Book Characters Shailene Woodley Should Portray

After starring in the ABC Family television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley has continued to star in several book-to-movie adaptations including Tim Tharp's The Spectacular Now and Kaui Hart Hemmings's The Descendants.

What’s with all the Orphans in Kids' Books?

Have you ever taken a good, close look at Middle Grade fiction? And in that close look, have you noticed that most of the protagonists are orphans? Yes, some may live with grandmothers or uncles, or the main story takes place in a school far from home – but even then, the parents are noticeably absent. Dead, disappeared, out of the picture, gone.

Why is that?

Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

For no apparent reason other than that someone decided to declare it as such in 2001, January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day! It’s a day to think about your favorite squirrel, whether it’s the one that freezes and then scurries away as you walk by or that tries to break into your home by tearing apart your window screen. Perhaps it’s even one of these squirrels below! Whichever squirrel it is, wave hello next time you see them as you watch them scamper away.


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