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Fictional Presidents’ Inauguration Speeches

We have seen fictional presidents do everything from single-handedly defeating terrorists to saving the world from aliens, but rarely do we get to witness the one act they all must have performed at some point -- their inauguration speech.

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Quoth The Tweety Bird

Once upon a morning weary, while I pondered, bleak and bleary,

Over where a quaint and curious sunny spot of sunlight sat—

    While I noodled, nearly nodding, suddenly there came a stomping,

As my owner rudely hopping, galomping all across the mat.

“’I am leaving,” she uttered, “To get my hair done at Chez LePhatt—

            Do be a gentle pussy cat.”

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January 2017 Book Giveaways

This month you can enter to win a copies of The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen by Hope Nicholson, Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents by Cormac O'Brien, and ARCS of Ten Dead Comedians by Fred Van Lente!


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#ThesaurusABook: Replaced Words from Famous Books

If we learned anything while writing highschool essays it’s that anything can be made better with a trip to the thesaurus. If you disagree all we need you to do is answer this simple question -- would you rather have a great or jumbo time at a party?

Shhhhh. Don’t say anything. We know the answer.

Which is why we decided to graciously lend some of our favorite books a helping hand and improve upon their more popular lines. By, of course, using the thesaurus. Please enjoy the following new and improved classics and send us your own with the hashtag #thesaurusabook.

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Geeky Activists Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which provided a chance for all of us to reflect on America’s complicated history regarding equality – and a chance for us to look to the future. But we’re not the only ones who do that. Fictional characters have always been reflections of our own journeys and struggles. These fictional activists are top-notch examples of the enduring nature of Dr. King’s example and legacy…even if their passion might be fighting for elves, a space rebellion, or genetic mutants.

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Bizarre Presidential Facts

Inauguration Day is this Friday, so we're bringing you a selection of weird facts from Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents by Cormac O'Brien. Who knew our past presidents had such bizarre hobbies? (Although we do agree, Thomas Jefferson. Wearing PJs is the way to go.)

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