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How to be Awesome on Free Comic Book Day

Image via NPR

Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us! It occurs on Saturday, May 3rd this year, so now's a great time to talk about how you can be awesome on that day.

The whole point of FCBD is to bring in new (or distanced) fans of any age, while also potentially bringing in new business to local comic book shops. It's also kind of a thank you from the comic shops to the fans in the area for keeping them afloat. It should be a fun (and safe) day for everyone involved. It's the day that, while supplies last, you can walk into a participating comics store and grab select books (this is important - the free books are specifically made for this event) for zero dollars, which is pretty dang sweet.

Of course, any time you've got hordes of people cramming into small spaces for free stuff, things can go south pretty easily. Here are five easy steps to avoid being a jerk:

6 TV Shows That Are Actually Books (& Why You Should Probably Read Them)

Tyrion approves of your plans to do some reading.

Book adaptations are wonderful things. Seeing our favorite characters and settings come to life is a rare occurrence. However, there is a certain charm and authenticity in the written word, which is why you should probably pick up the original books if you watch any of the following TV shows.

Ten Fictional Characters Inspired by Real People

Despite being fictional, literary characters are near and dear to our hearts. But sometimes, those fictional characters turn out to not be so fictional after all. Yes, even famous whales and grumpy Potions professors have ties to living, breathing things. It's art imitating life in the most literal sense. Or rather, art stealing bits of life. Here are ten incredible examples.

Literary References in Pop Songs, Ranked in Descending Order of Laziness

The quality of songwriting is something of a Catch-22*. As record-store owner Rob muses in High Fidelity (the movie version): “Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?”

You could say the same thing of allusions to famous works of literature in pop music: are they bad because the song itself is dumb, or is the song dumb because it’s got a hamfisted reference to Nabokov wedged in there? You be the judge. Here are six of the best/worst songs written by people who have clearly read at least one book and want you to know about it, dammit.

*I mean, I assume. I haven’t actually read it, but I wanted to make a book reference in the lede for this post about people throwing around casual literary namechecks, so IPSO FACTO


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