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Eat More Books, Episode 23: The Eyes


Five Pieces of Poetry Science Fiction Fans Will Love

That first song? Pure poetry, we tells ya.
We’re used to poems that explore romance, mythology, deep emotion, but sometimes these same poems incorporate a more science fictional component. And why not? Why shouldn’t astronauts, aliens, and killer clones get their share of the lyrical limelight?
Monstrous creations grown in secret dank labs need an outlet, and the poems inspired by our inevitable apocalypse will likely be full of beautiful pathos (one hopes that someone will be around to read them). Here are some poems that merge science and art, and do so wonderfully.

Worst-Case Wednesday: Meat Grilling Tips

Image via Kitchen Daily

For many, there is nothing better than the smell of a grill firing up, followed by the taste of any assortment of food straight off the fire. Grilling is synonymous with summertime, barbeques, and delicious meals. There always seems to be “that person” at the party that takes on the title of “grill master.”

Somehow, they remain unfazed by the fire and heat and manage to know exactly how long to cook everything. There is, of course, nothing worse than someone who thinks they are up for the task, and manages to either overcook or undercook everything.

Don’t be that person. If you are ready to be the hero or heroine of every backyard party, read on for The Ultimate Survival Man-ual’s easy tips for how to achieve grilling perfection every time.

Ten Books That Break the Prose Mold

This beautiful Lover's Dictionary wallpaper is via Crazy Red Pen

We love straightforward novels, but sometimes we can't help but be drawn to books that are a prose story with added elements that give it a fun and intriguing narrative structure.

How-To Tuesday: Texas BBQ Dog

Now that it’s summer, I can indulge in my favorite pastime: eating outside! Fire up the grill and get cooking while the sunshine lasts.

What If We Cast Actors in Presidential Biopics Based on Last Name Alone?

George "Denzel" Washington in Training Day, 1777

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is grand and beautiful, with great implications about what it means to be human. Sometimes it comes from Twitter.

After seeing this tweet from Blair, one of my esteemed editors at Quirk, [Hello! —Ed.] I could not help but throw out name after name. Inspired, I put this post together, complete with shoddily photoshopped MS Painted movie stills. I don’t know about you, but I think at least one of these would be a blockbuster. [OBVIOUSLY. —Ed.] If not, I definitely have some sequels in mind.


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