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How-To Tuesday: How to Move Your Books

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Moving? With a book collection? Good luck, because it’s a big task. Here’s how to get started.

Six More Logikul Wayz To Spel English that Never Caut On

BEEMAN, ah-ah-ahhhh! 

When it comes to regular, predictable orthography, English is a hot mess. Our language built of ill-gotten calques, mutant morphemes, and poorly-constructed neologisms adds up to a zany, mongrel, bric-a-brac vocabulary (that sentence alone contains words from four linguistic groups). In other words, spelling is im-freaking-possible. Take the very word language: why isn’t it pronounced “lan-goo-a-gee”? Or spelled langwidge? With the exception of a few spelling-bee know-it-alls (*sheepish wave*), no one enjoys struggling with making wurdz luk rite.

But history has known some clear-eyed crusaders who tried—really tried—to get us to make some damn sense with our letters and sounds. Here are six alternative movements that (sadly) failed to cast a spell.

Meet Amelia, The Spiral Bookcase's Cat and Our Contest Winner

Last month, Quirk Books held a Contest for Bookstore Cats. Bookstore felines of the world were invited to compete for the chance to jumpstart their Internet celebrity campaign.

Competitor Cats were asked to command someone with opposable thumbs to take a picture of them “reading” the Quirk title, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity by Patricia Carlin.

After much delipurration, a winner was chosen: Amelia of The Spiral Bookcase!

Dustin Fentermacher, the photographer of the book, also provided a couple quirky tips to help Amelia to seize her true celebrity potential: "Amelia's on the right path: cats plus books equal money. If she could do a series with this cat sitting on top of pages of books that make her look a part of the scene, that would would quickly skyrocket into the internet meme hall of fame."

Amelia's photo was also featured in today's Shelf Awareness. Thanks, you guys! 

City of Bookishly Love: Philly Literary Events, May 25th - 31st

Every week there are workshops, readings, parties and other exciting literary events taking place all over Philly. For those of you planning to spend the next week holed up in a dark room reading, here are some opportunities to get out of the house and experience Philly’s diverse and lively book culture:  

On Sunday the 25th, Angie Bowie will be reading from her book Pop.Sex at Tattooed Mom. Read more about the book and the event here. Release party to follow!

On Tuesday the 27th, Wooden Shoe is hosting You Can’t Kill A Poet, a reading bringing queer Philly poets together to share and celebrate their work.

Poets Michelle Castleberry and Hila Ratzabi will be reading together at Big Blue Marble on Thursday the 29th. Check out Big Blue Marble’s events page to read about all of the readings they’re hosting this coming week.

At the Kelly Writers’ House on Friday the 30th, Lynn Levin’s Creative Writing Class and Greg Djanikian’s Poetry Writing class will both be giving readings. Check the KWH calendar for both of these readings in the Arts Café.

Also on Friday the 30th, there will be a Hands-on tour of some mainstays of the works of Charles Dickens at the Rosenbach Museum and Library.

Literary Monsters the Winchesters Need to Face on Supernatural

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If you’ve never watched Supernatural before, well, okay, first off, you should just watch Supernatural. Seriously, it’s awesome, and on Netflix. Go on; go add the show to your queue. I’ll wait…

The Bookworm's Guide to Picking a Pet Name

Oh, hello—I didn't see you there.

As if your status of Book Nerd wasn’t high enough – what with your endless bookshelves, strange priorities to buy books over groceries, and constant chatter about what this character did in that book – bring your new pet into the fold with a deeply literary or historical name. Pick a perfectly bookish name in honor of your favorite character!


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