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Ben H. Winters Wins the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award for Countdown City!

On Friday, April 18th, Ben H. Winters took home the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award for Countdown City, the second book in The Last Policeman trilogy. The award honors a distinguished original science fiction paperback, and is presented annually with the support of the Philip K. Dick Trust. 

You can check out a full list of the nominees, as well as more details about the award, over on the Norwescon website

Congratulations, Ben! The entire Quirk Books office is currently doing this, for you. 

Five Little Ways To Make Your Book Club Even Cooler

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When I tell people I’m in a book club, I’m almost always met with skeptical faces. It’s like I’m being challenged to prove that book clubs aren’t just for dorks.

I assure you, they aren’t, and while I’ve always thought thatreading is cool, here are a few tips to ensure your book clubs is a most awesome good time.

How-To Tuesday: 9 Adorable DIY Library-Friendly Bookmarks

Reading a book is a wonderful feeling – but what happens when you have to stop? Do you throw in a piece of paper to mark your place: an envelope, a dollar bill, a tissue? Are you relying on the fold of a dust jacket? Do you dog-ear the page?*

Ten of Our Favorite Librarians Found in Pop Culture

Look I get it, at some point someone had a horrible experience in a library, and as a result we librarians are doomed to be typecast as grey haired old biddies who wear horn-rimmed glasses while we shush everything in sight. Thankfully we have used this stereotype to our advantage over the years to hide our true purpose; a purpose I am about to reveal to you know.
Librarians the world over are all part of a secret ninja society dedicated to protecting your right to read. 
And we have superpowers.
Don't believe me? Let's take a look at ten of the awesomest librarians out there, shall we? Then let's see how many of you rush out to attend library school.

Twelve Bookish Songs That Rock

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Bibliophiles all over the world spend their times pouring over the stacks of books at libraries and book stores, looking for that next classic book that will become an instant favorite. It can be hard sometimes to determine which books to read. There are so many options and they all have their pros and cons. How to choose is the question.

It occurred to me just the other day that a simple look at my playlist would point me in the right direction. I know it sounds a bit bizarre but by listening to some of my favorite rock songs, I have a perfect guide to some of the best novels ever written.

Plug in your earbuds and prepare for one hell of a read.

A Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Library

Last summer I had to pack up my book collection to move to another state. Before then, I had no idea how many books I really had. But I kept finding more and more of them... on bookshelves, in piles, in boxes, and scattered throughout the house. They were everywhere.

I can't be the only book lover who has faced this problem (we're not people know for our asceticism). Organizing a home library can be overwhelming, and now I know from experience. So, whether you're moving or you're just trying to reorganize your living space, I'm here to help. When we're done you'll know what books you own, and be able to lay hands on just the book you're looking for. You may even re-discover a hidden gem that you've been meaning to read for years! Here are four easy steps to get started.


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