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How-to Tuesday: Fantastic Trees to Read Under and Where to Find Them

Now it's (finally) summer, it's a great time to think about going outside more often. And I don't mean to get a sun tan. More like, time to go outside to enjoy some beautiful scenery and cool fruity drinks (or some ice cold beers) while guzzling down your latest read. In order to do that though, you'll need some shade, or at the very least a sturdy friend to lean on. 
Here's a list of trees to look for the next time you're out somewhere with a book and in need of a spot to park your butt. 

As Planting Season Kicks Off, Start With Tomato & Basil

Beautiful photo via Bonnie Plants
It’s the time of the year again that you are inundated with reminders that it is time to spend time in your garden. You don’t even need to go to a home improvement store or nursery to be told “You need to plant to be like everyone else”—heck, they even sell plants and mulch at the grocery store and gas station.
Some of you may get excited about this reminder to use your green thumb, while others…may get extremely anxious because they kill every plant they’ve ever owned.
I’m here to tell you: It. Is. Okay.

How to be Awesome at Giving Book Recommendations In Four Simple Steps

Image via Tumblr

It can be really hard to get friends to want to read your favorite book. With these 4 steps, you’ll not only learn how to spin your favorite book, but also how to make genuine recommendations your friends will love!

Some of Monty Python's Best Literary Sketches

I remember one of my high school English teachers being horrified that only two of us had heard of John Cleese, and with the greatness known as Monty Python, who can blame her?

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Play Out of a Water Trap

Many mishaps can occur on the golf course. Your golf cart breaks down. You hit the ball into a tree. Or sometimes, you get a little too into the game, maybe loosen your aim a little too much and you hit the ball square into a water trap. It happens to everyone, right? Right?

To fix it and still make your shot without just stepping in blindly, let The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Golf tell you how it’s done:


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