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Quirk at NY Comic-Con 2015

This is a love story set at the Javits Center, full of sound and fandom, signifying AWESOME! New York Comic-Con is upon us, folks! And we can't wait to show off our books and shower you with swag, so make sure to stop by Booth #2236 for your fix of all things Quirk-y!

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Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Series is a New York Times #1 Best Seller! Here's A Celebratory Giveaway

To celebrate Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series hitting #1 on the New York Times best seller list, we’re giving away a #StayPeculiar Care Package, including:

  1. 1 Boxed Set of the book series 

  2. 1 Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Calendar

  3. 1 #StayPeculiar tote 

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Hidden Gems to Explore at NY Comic-Con 2015

There's so much to see and do during New York Comic-Con weekend that it's easy to miss out on some low-key, but no-less-awesome panels and events. Luckily, we scoured the listings to bring you our top picks that you might not have heard about!

For example, all weekend, there will be fandom-specific meet-ups in room 1E03, which we've never seen on the schedule before.  Fans of Batman, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who are just a few of the groups getting their own time slot to geek out and show off their nerd cred.  Meeting fellow fans is always one the best parts of NYCC, so don't forget to check the schedule and pop into this room at some point! 

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Dream Bookish LEGO Sets We Wish We Could Have

(image credit: LEGO) 

Seeing the new Doctor Who LEGO sets out in the world has set our minds afire with possbility. If only we could also see these dream LEGO sets in the market as well! 

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5 Ways to Have Maple Syrup for Dinner

Like breakfast foods for dinner, some things may sound wrong but are just so right. The same can be said for maple syrup in savory dishes. Working on Maple has had Quirk HQ slathering the sweet stuff on tons of dishes we never thought to maple-fy before. And thanks to author Katie Webster's recipes, the results were as one might put it, suh-weeet! So in honor of the book's on-sale day, here’s what Katie’s recipes has taught us about having maple syrup for dinner! (As regaled by publicist extraordinaire Val Howlett.) 

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So You Think You Can Turn Pop Songs into Shakespearean Sonnets?

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Normally I’d turn that lyric into a line of iambic pentameter. Today, I think it’s fine the way it is. With a few short words, the Grateful Dead pretty much summed up my last two years or so — from the first moments of rewriting a Carly Rae Jepsen song as Shakespeare to putting the finishing touches on the book. The entire process has been extraordinary in both senses of the word: wonderful and kinda far out, man.  It’s also been educational. At the outset, I didn’t know “thee” from “thou,” or when a word like “make” should become “makest.” But there are less obvious things I’ve picked up while translating pop songs into sonnets — things I can’t pass on in the sonnets themselves. Here are some of the more entertaining ones:

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