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How-To Tuesday: Texas BBQ Dog

Now that it’s summer, I can indulge in my favorite pastime: eating outside! Fire up the grill and get cooking while the sunshine lasts.

What If We Cast Actors in Presidential Biopics Based on Last Name Alone?

George "Denzel" Washington in Training Day, 1777

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is grand and beautiful, with great implications about what it means to be human. Sometimes it comes from Twitter.

After seeing this tweet from Blair, one of my esteemed editors at Quirk, [Hello! —Ed.] I could not help but throw out name after name. Inspired, I put this post together, complete with shoddily photoshopped MS Painted movie stills. I don’t know about you, but I think at least one of these would be a blockbuster. [OBVIOUSLY. —Ed.] If not, I definitely have some sequels in mind.

Seven of Bob's Best Bookish Burgers

Everybody loves a good burger. Americans love nothing more than a big hunk of juicy ground beef, sandwiched between two buns (or for those who avoid carbs, wrapped in some iceberg lettuce). On average, Americans consume 50 billion hamburgers annually. McDonald’s sells 75 burgers every single second of the day. To say we have a thing for two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, is a bit of an understatement.
But there will always be burger wars. Some will fight for Five Guys. The hungry sometimes hanker for The Habit. Californians insist on In N’ Out. But as the true connoisseur knows, the only place for a burger fixed with a dose of literary word play is Bob’s Burgers, where burger maestro Bob Belcher and his family serve up all manner of meaty puns-on-buns. Here are the tastiest!

How to be Awesome at a Book Release Party

The next installment of the Hottest Book Series Ever is coming out, and you're lining up at your local bookstore to wait with a legion of super fans, reservation tickets in hand. Some folks are even in costumes or steampunk gear, and it's totally great. You're among your people.

But sometimes, we get too comfortable too easily, and we lose sight of the fact that although we're all brought together by this thing we all love, everyone loves things in their own, personal way. That said, here's a brief checklist outlining what you need to keep in mind so you can be an awesome book release party attendee:

365 Days of New Music, A Project by Brian Morrell

Here at Quirk, we love our bloggers. And we're fortunate enough to have a lot of talented people writing here on the blog, from literary agents to graduate students in publishing


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