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Four Absurdly Patriotic Superheroes from Comic Book History

Comic books have a long association with star-spangled, flag-draped, red-white-and-blue-festooned crimebusters. It’s a heroic tradition dating all the way back to the very first patriotic paladin, The Shield (who debuted in 1940), and his better-known successor Captain America (who followed a year later). They’re not the only heroes to don the dapper togs of liberty, however. Literally dozens—maybe hundreds—of other comic book superheroes have filled the four-color ranks of liberty, including these lesser-known do-gooders who always wore their patriotism on their sleeves (or capes, or in one case, fur).

Quirk Perk: Encyclopedia Shatnerica

ENCYCLOPEDIA SHATNERICA by Robert Schnakenburg ($3.99)


Quirk Perks: On A Stick! for $3.99!

ON A STICK by Matt Armendariz ($3.99)


July 2015 Book Giveaways

We've got a bevy of good books seeking loving homes this month, including ARCs of two hotly anticipated Fall titles! 

Check out where you can request copies below. Giveaways will run until August 1. May the odds be ever in your flavor! 

Quirk Books at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

This year is primed to be Quirk’s craziest con yet! We’ll be stationed at Booth #1636, coordinating author signings, geek-tastic panels, party magic, and movie previews in Hall H (Hall freaking H!).

Stop by for sweet swag and piles of books for sale. And if you mention "Quirk E. Cat" to the person manning the booth, you get a special prize! 

Welcome to Camp Plot-a-wanna!

Greetings from CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA! From our leaves of grass to our softball field of dreams, we provide the ultimate camping experience for the literately oriented. We know that the writing life is a sedentary, solitary, sickly experience, which is why our counselors and staff are trained to gently acquaint our campers with unfamiliar concepts like fresh air, sunlight, weenie roasts, and trees. At CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA, you’ll enjoy the wind in the willows, everyone eats shoots and leaves, and it’s always okay to kill a mockingbird.

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