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NYC Lit Events: December 8th - 12th

It’s another busy week for literary events in New York City. With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many organizations are having celebrations and handing out awards. This week offers you opportunities to donate to NYC schools, feast on treats baked by esteemed authors, reveal all that you’ve never said, and support the New York literary community.

In Training For a Heroine: The Great Northanger Abbey Re-read, Part IV

Covers from Jane Austen to Cover

And we’re back with our weekly Northanger Abbey recap! In these chapters our heroine Catherine experiences some highs and some lows, before relocating to a new and exciting locale: Northanger Abbey itself! 

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Get Your Dog to Like Your Significant Other

Every time I mention my desire to get a dog, my boyfriend expresses concern that it will eat his face off. And by "expresses concern," I mean "repeats endlessly with varying degrees of hysteria." While I think he's being a little dramatic, introducing your furry friend to your pet (see what I did there?) is a legitimate concern. The dog could feel that your SO is intruding upon their territory, and things could get very ugly very quickly. Thankfully, The Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guide: Dogs has some helpful tips to keep your SO from having their face eaten off.

How-To Tuesday: The Best Harry Potter Treats to Serve This Holiday Season

Nearly everyone loves Harry Potter. It was only recently that I finally met someone who genuinely (and appallingly) did NOT love Harry Potter, and even then I was skeptical that we were talking about the same thing. But whether you loved the books or despised them, whether you’ve seen all the movies ten times over or never at all, whether you’re a Firebolt-owning, Hippogriff-loving Potter preacher or a certified muggle, we all have to suffer that one inevitable eventuality in life (besides death and taxes of course): holiday dinner parties. 

Say it again with me. Holiday. Dinner. Parties. 


There are only so many bundt cakes and bean dips that you can throw together haphazardly before everyone starts to resent you. So why not change it up? Witch, wizard, and non-magical folk alike can all take a cue from the wonderful wizarding world and make the evening a little more special with the following seasonal Potter Treats: 


LOST STATES by Michael Trinklein


Everyone knows the fifty winners—but what about the hundreds of other statehood proposals that never worked out? Lost States is a tribute to such great unrealized states as West Florida, South California, Half-Breed Tracts, Rough and Ready, and others.


POM-POMS! by Lexi Walters Wright and Sarah Goldschadt


Whether they’re perking up your clothes, brightening your home decor, or bringing a rainbow of color to your next party, pom-poms are perfect wherever they pop up.

Each project in this book has oh-so-simple instructions and photographs that’ll have you whipping up homemade tufts in all kinds of eye-catching patterns, from speckles to stripes to polka-dots.


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