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Families in Literature We’d Love to Summer Vacation With

As the school year wraps up and calendars are overbooked with graduation parties, the summer vacation season is officially upon us. With young kids home for two and a half months, the idea of being cooped up in the house is too much to bear, so we set out on family vacations, hoping to build some fond memories, but mostly hoping to just get back home with all family members accounted for and relatively uninjured.
Fighting, screaming, crying, and half a million bathroom breaks aside, there’s nothing like family vacations. Whether it’s a far-too-long-distance road trip, a trip to the beach, or an ill-advised camping trip, we think that these fictional families would make it memorable.

Who's Your Daddy? The Most Dangerous Dads in Literature

After our previous blog dedicated to Momsters we decided it was only fair to even the score, and with Father’s Day just around the corner we felt that dads deserved a shout-out as well, so we compiled a unique list of some stand-out dads in literature who will likely not be receiving a new tie this Father’s Day.
We can think of many terrible fathers. You have Pap Finn, the abusive drunk who locks his son up in a cabin. Then there’s the shady, conniving car salesman Harry Wormwood, and let’s not forget our romantic hero, Heathcliff, who decided it was okay to let his son suffer for his own conveniences. We’d choose any of them though to toss a ball with over the dads in this list.
Ranked in no particular order, we give you the most dangerous and deadly dads in literature. These five dads have deservedly been awarded this title, demonstrating excessive cruelty, violence, and overall destruction.

Philadelphia Area Literary Events: June 8th - 13th

Every week there are workshops, readings, parties and other exciting literary events taking place all over Philly. For those of you planning to spend the next week holed up in a dark room reading, here are some opportunities to get out of the house and experience Philly’s diverse and lively book culture:

Dad Wisdom: The Paternal Teachings of Pop Culture

Dads have been giving advice longer than we’ve been receiving ties for Father’s Day.  We’ve given advice on the big screen, the small screen and the mobile screen.  We’ve given advice in books and music.  And, we’ve given advice a long time ago…and in galaxies far, far away.  The advice is sometimes comedic, often practical and always from the heart.

How to be Awesome at Crying During a Movie

There are a few tear-jerkers set to come out in the near future (chief among them, the cinematic debut of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars). Never fear, these simple steps will help you prepare mentally and strategically for tears and help keep your emotional outbursts as private as possible!


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