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Reading Recommendations for Team Captain America

It sounds like it could be great fun to be a superhero. At the very least, you would get to travel the globe and see new and exciting places. Unless there is a guy on the team who can teleport everyone, there is going to be a lot of down time. Traveling from coast to coast can take hours and international flights can take more than half a day. Other than planning the next battles it would be hard to kill time during those endless travel hours. So here is a list of books for team Captain America to read during the travel time.

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Gifts to Make Your Mom the Coolest in her Book Club

Sometimes your mom is the hardest person to shop for. How to you choose a gift good enough for someone who spent years changing your diapers, taking care of you when you were sick, and making sure you had good stuff to read?

We don’t know how to recommend a gift that matches your mom’s commitment, but if your mom is in a book club, we can recommend Mother’s Day gifts that are more personal than a scented candle. Let us walk you through five ways to make your mom the most impressive member of her literary group.

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Mexican-American Authors You Should Know

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Time to celebrate the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. While it’s tempting to drink margaritas and call it a day, here at Quirk Books we prefer an alternate mode of celebration: the celebration of Chicano literature. We’ve put together a list of five Mexican American authors you could be reading right now.

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Miss Peregrine-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts

Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine is the headmistress in her loop on Cairnholm, but she also acts as a mother figure to the peculiar children living there. This Mother’s Day, we’re rounding up the perfect set of gifts for our favorite ymbryne.

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Star Wars DIY: Jakku-Inspired Sugar Scrub

May the Fourth is here again, and we’re happy to be celebrating all things Star Wars! This year The Force Awakens has fans excited for the future of the franchise. The movie brought us back to a desert planet on the edge of nowhere to meet a brand new hero—a scavenger living off the tech left behind by the epic space battles we all know and love. Want to start your day fresh-faced, gazing out over the dune sea, ready for The Force to call to you?

It all starts with a simple morning routine. This whipped sugar scrub is made from stuff you probably already have in your pantry, and makes roughly 16 exfoliating portions.

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Quirk Books at BEA & BookCon 2016: Signings and Giveaways!

BEA and BookCon comes but once a year, friends! And this year, Quirk's Booth #2040 is going to be the place to be if you want to hang with the cool cats. We're laying out our biggest perks ever, with special Miss Peregrine's totes for giveaway, top-notch author signings, and a Hunt for Quirk E. Cat that will reward the most observant among you with epic swag! Check out our full schedule:

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