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How to be Awesome at a Book Release Party

The next installment of the Hottest Book Series Ever is coming out, and you're lining up at your local bookstore to wait with a legion of super fans, reservation tickets in hand. Some folks are even in costumes or steampunk gear, and it's totally great. You're among your people.

But sometimes, we get too comfortable too easily, and we lose sight of the fact that although we're all brought together by this thing we all love, everyone loves things in their own, personal way. That said, here's a brief checklist outlining what you need to keep in mind so you can be an awesome book release party attendee:

365 Days of New Music, A Project by Brian Morrell

Here at Quirk, we love our bloggers. And we're fortunate enough to have a lot of talented people writing here on the blog, from literary agents to graduate students in publishing

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Jump from a Building Into a Dumpster

We just wanted an excuse to use a Sherlock .gif

Everyone loves a good action movie. 

From James Bond to Superman, action stars manage to bring excitement and entertainment to even the most high-brow movie viewers. Something about their ability to escape any and all dangerous situations while remaining calm and cool under pressure seems to unite and inspire audiences everywhere.

If you’ve ever left an action film wishing that you could be half as cool as the heroes onscreen, read on for The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Extreme Edition’s instructions on how to escape when being pursued by the bad guys.

6 Fictional Teachers We Honor this Teacher Appreciation Week

It's teacher appreciation week, and in celebration we’re saluting some of the best-loved teachers modern fiction has to offer. While we weren’t able to take their classes on transfiguration or using the Force, these mentors had a lot to teach us and their lessons hold up long after we’re done with their stories.

Mr. Keating – Dead Poets Society: Mr. John Keating brought poetry into the lives of teenage boys who were fixated on the problems of their own lives. More than rhyme and verse, he endeavored to teach them the importance of language and feeling, and dared them to reach into their reading and themselves for deeper meanings. He inspired them to take charge of their own lives, and in turn was given one the most memorable standing-on-desks salute in modern film.

Best Lesson: “Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.”

Ms. Frizzle – The Magic School Bus: Miss Frizzle taught important lessons about science, but even more about the quest for knowledge. Her lessons are almost always about sharing discoveries, and students’ research and observations make them respected contributors to each adventure (with the possible exception of Carlos’ bad jokes). The Frizz teaches enjoyment of learning above all else, so we’ll forgive her for not technically getting permission slips before taking juveniles into outer space or the Jurassic Age.

Best Lesson: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

How-To Tuesday: Different Kinds of Book Covers and When to Use Them

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Book covers are awesome. If you haven't wrapped a book since your elementary school days, I'm going to give you some reasons to do it again. 

Before that though, let's briefly talk about kinds of book covers. There are different types for different occasions and personalities, after all. You've got the clear plastic by the roll and plain ol' paper bags (nifty tutorial for that one here!), wrapping paper, bits of newspaper, maps, and all manner of foldable (or knittable!) things to decorate your book with.

And then of course, you've got the pre-made elastic book covers you can buy by the buttload if you aren't a DIY sort of person. The possibilities are endless. But there are, nonetheless, so many fun ways to cover your books. 

Now, hear me out on when's a good time to use book covers.


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