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Black Friday: An Faux Anthropological Study

“Yea, for tonight though we feast, tomorrow we prepare for eternity… and shopping!” – Tall Pilgrim

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A Playlist for Severus Snape

At first glance, Professor Severus Snape is an intimidating, sarcastic, unfriendly, and stern man. But don’t be fooled; his frosty exterior hides a passionate heart and noble intentions. One of J.K. Rowling’s more complex, layered characters, he evolves from anti-hero to full-on hero during the course of her books. Which makes him worthy of a playlist in our book.

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7 Literary Characters Banned from Our Thanksgiving Dinner

No matter how much you love your family the Thanksgiving Day table can easily turn into a scene from The Hunger Games when there’s only one Pillsbury roll left and more than one hand grabbing for it. That’s why along with our fictional-characters-we’d-love-to-picnic-with list we also have 7 fictional characters banned from our turkey dinner. No turkey for you!

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Bookish DIY Gifts: An Avant-Gourd Tote


/avänt' gôrd/

1. Unusual or experimental use of decorative gourds for artistic purposes.*

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Quirk's Thanksgiving Cookbook Goodreads Giveaway

It's only Tuesday, but we're already dreaming of homemade cooking, awkward encounters with in-laws and relatives, and a food coma to last all weekend. So with that smorgasbord in mind, we've set up an impromptu Goodreads giveaway featuring our hotter-than-hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookbooks this fall: Maple and Making Dough. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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