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Bookish Events in Philadelphia: April 17–April 23

We are in the midst of National Poetry Month, and Philly is a city of poetry love. It's a fact! How do we know? Just look at this full list of events. It's hard to keep up! How have you been spending this poetry month? Writing a poem a day? Learning to speak in iambic pentameter? Wishing there was a National Fiction Month? Whatever you're doing, whatever you're into, here are a few events to light up the literary places in your brain.

Sam Says: What To See At C2E2

Chicago’s biggest nerd gathering is just around the corner, and I’m starting to get seriously stoked. Not only is the convention going to be generally amazing, but it’s also the first place ever you’re going to be able to grab a copy of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy! You can pick it up at the Quirk Books booth (#516) all weekend, and if you want to high five/have me sign your copy, I’ll be there Friday at 5pm and Sunday at 11am. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelemed by what else to do and see all weekend, don’t worry! I’ve broken down some of the best parts of the con right here to make sure you don’t miss the good stuff.

Headed to C2E2? Here Are Three Surefire Tips for Taking Killer Cosplay Photos

image via flickr

Headed to a convention soon? Will there be cosplayers? 

Cosplay photography can be daunting. Are you holding cosplayers up? Will they say no? Will a crowd of oblivious attendees walk between your model and your camera? But the average cosplay photograph for the roaming photographer takes all of 10 seconds to shoot, and most cosplayers are eager to participate and be photographed. These three tips will simply take things up to the next level. After all, these cosplayers worked like hell to prepare their beautiful cosplay, so you, the photographer, should make a little effort to take the best photos you can. 

Step Right Up! How Many of These Rebus Book Titles Can YOU Guess?

Host Bob Clayton at the game board in 1972 via Wikipedia.

First let’s play how old-we-are: raise your hand if you remember the Classic Concentration game hosted by Alex Trebek in the ‘80s...or maybe one of the hosts from the ‘50s, ‘60s or ’70s when it was just Concentration?

Part of the show had contestants solving a rebus puzzle which uses pictures, symbols and/or letters to create a word or phrase you have to guess. Naturally, I had to bookify the rebus puzzle, so below you have 14 book titles to solve. As a hint each puzzle will list the amount of words in the title, the author’s name scrambled, and the border colors might be from the book cover.


Forsooth, Ian Doescher Will Be At Star Wars Celebration

In a galaxy far, far…erhm…in Anaheim this weekend storm troopers, droids, and Star Wars fans are descending upon Star Wars Celebration.

While Quirk is sad not to be joining in on the party, we’re excited that William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series author Ian Doescher will be their representing the Bard and glorious iambic pentameter!

Could We BE Any More Literary? The Top Nine Bookish Episodes of Friends

Admit it, you’ve been binge-watching FRIENDS on Netflix. We all have. The show was a 90s sensation, and despite the characters being impossibly attractive people in impossibly large apartments, their navigation of life in their twenties is just as relevant now as it was then. Re-watching, I still relate to the trials and tribulations of everything from singledom to weddings, bad jobs to wonderful careers, and awkwardness to confidence, all with a little help from your friends.

But where are all the books? Every other scene sees the cast flipping through magazines or perusing the paper (remember newspapers?). But a shot rarely opens to find Monica at Central Perk with a book, or Phoebe flashing her library card. Even their apartments are bookshelf-free zones! Nevertheless, there are a few episodes celebrating the joy of reading, and I took it upon myself to find the nine best ones.

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