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Literary Events in Philly This Week: June 22nd - 28th

Philly’s starting to get hot, but not too hot for its dedicated literary scenemakers. Now that the sun is out and your apartment’s all but uninhabitable, go check out some exciting upcoming readings and workshops:
On Monday, June 23rd, veteran sports columnist George Vecsey will read from Eight World Cups: My Journey Through the Beauty and Dark Side of Soccer, a new book collecting his insider accounts of the last eight World Cups.
On Tuesday, June 24th, Big Blue Marble is hosting its monthly Women of the World Book Club. This month, the club will discuss NoViolet Bulawayo’s acclaimed We Need New Names.
Also on the 28th, Lynn Hoffman will be giving a free reading at Musehouse from his new memoir, Radiation Days. Launch Party to follow!
Saturday’s going to be a big day. The 28th is the first day of the Philly Feminist Zine Fest at Christ Church’s Community House. Metropolarity invites you to join them.

Not by Any Other Name: How Three Characters Will Make You Feel Great About Yours

Major Major Major Major in the movie adaptation of Catch 22
Certain authors are sadistic name-givers. They hold no quarter for their brightest creations. Not only is the writer’s hero sent on a quest through the ether, but the character’s first name is exactly the same as the character’s last name. Sometimes the character doesn’t even have a “quest,” per say, but a two-bit role as a secondary companion. 
The technique, called reduplication, is one of the most brilliant and devious I’ve seen in fiction. So that you may go on in life enjoying the pleasure of your own normal name, here are three characters that will make you double- and triple- and quadruple-take upon reading.

How to be Awesome While Being Overly Enthusiastic About Other People's Dogs

Illustrations by Katie Cook
Often times, the quality of my day is determined by the dogs I've seen. Spotted the sixth avenue corgi? It's a good day. A new photo of my favorite Pomeranian on Instagram? Great day. An actual chance to interact and perhaps pat the head of a dog?
Amazing day. As an overly enthusiastic fan of pups, I spend many of my internet hours furiously hitting the like button while loudly squeeing over photos of my friend’s dogs. When it comes to dogs that I see as I walk around the city, it's my responsibility to practice some restraint, even when I want nothing more in the world than to have doggy kisses all over my face.

Take Your Dog to Work Day: Amazing Dogs With Incredible Jobs of their Own

June 20th is “Take Your Dog to Work Day!” It’s a day to celebrate our canine companions and also encourage adoptions across the country. But your place of work might actually be kind of boring compared to these working dogs we want to celebrate. Here are some amazing dogs with incredible jobs! 

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Escape from Quicksand

There may come a time when you are feeling especially Indiana Jones-like and find yourself walking through an area where quicksand is native and suddenly begin to sink into the ground. You may panic (which is not surprising) and need a quick way to figure out how to get out of your predicament before it is too late.

Well, lucky for you, The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook has the answer. (And hopefully you have a pole handy so you don’t have to hold on to a snake in order to be rescued like poor Indy.) Here is how to escape from quicksand:

The World of Trouble Pre-order Campaign: Get Signed Bookplates, Limited Edition Prints, & More!

Next month World of Trouble, the final book in Ben H. Winters’ award winning Last Policeman trilogy, hits stores everywhere. We’ve all grown quite attached to Hank Palace here at the Quirk Books HQ, and while we’re all sad to see him go, we’re definitely sending him out with… well, do excuse the asteroid crash pun… out with a bang.

In addition to a fun blog tour (we’ll announce all the stops for that soon!), we’re launching a pre-order campaign for World of Trouble. Pre-order your copy, email us a photo of your receipt, and you’ll get all kinds of special VIP extras. You’ll also be entered into a giveaway to win an awesome H.P.S.K. (Hank Palace Survival Kit).

Read on to learn more about the special tiers you can unlock during the pre-order campaign. Not to be confused with tears, which we’re busy crying now that the trilogy is ending.


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